3 Ways To Find Time For Your Dreams Today


Finding any bit of time for our dreams in our current hurried lives is a tough sell.

Life is busy enough.  Expectations, obligations, necessities.  We barely have enough time to finish the stuff in our loonng to-do list, let alone find time for any dream chasing.

The dream – that life, passion, career – that we’ve been imagining… that’ll have to wait until we have more time.

One day, someday.  After we’ve paid off our debts, after the kids are out of school and on their own, after the promotion, after we get the house in the suburbs, after we settle down with our perfect man/woman, after our 401K reaches a certain balance, after… after… after.

The thing I learned the hard way is this:  The future dream life is never going to advance closer to reality, unless I actually find time towards it NOW.

Hard as it may be, the only way to make your dream come true – if it’s truly important to you – is to make space for it in your current life.

1.  Clean your plate.

Unless you’ve been living a minimalist life, your plate is filled with clutter or stuff that no longer suits.   Identify them and learn to walk away. Walk away from things that no longer feed your spirit.  Walk away from relationships (personal, work, social) that no longer sustains.  Walk away from a job that no longer allows you to grow.  Walk away from people who deplete you and constantly suck away your energy and positive spirit.

Each time you walk away, you’ll find new breathing space.   Aaahhh.

2.  Be mindful of what you put on your plate.

Be selective of the things you say “yes” to.   Every yes is some kind of commitment or promise to perform and give your time away to something.  So, make sure that you give it to people, events, and things that truly matter to you.  Your most scarce resource is your time.  Once you’ve given it, there’s no getting it back.

Every day, today, now… you can choose to do something that moves you closer to your dream.

3.  Do not be pressured to finish all you have on your plate.

Let go of the quest for perfectionism.  There’s nothing exciting about it.  You don’t have to do it all.  You can delegate.  You can share it with others.  Find the tasks you can hire someone to do, instead of doing it all yourself.

Most of the time, “good enough” is good enough.   Imagine the time you’ll gain by letting go of perfection.

Lou Blaser is the Chief Dreamer at Second Breaks, a site dedicated to the pursuit of life’s second acts.  Find her at http://www.secondbreaks.com

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