3 Ways to Find Your Brand’s DNA


Who ever told you that the most important part of a brand’s DNA is the pretty color palette and logo was DEAD WRONG. Yeah, I said it and i’ll say it again in a prettier way: The most important part of your brand’s DNA is NOT your color palette and logo. Now, coming from a graphic designer this could sound a bit different because well, it’s a big part of what I do but I have to be honest with you; Even though color palettes and logos play a really big part of your brand I believe in something that plays an even bigger part. If you are missing out on this element you better go out and find it!

The most important element of your brand DNA is YOU.

If you don’t have a PASSION, a “why” and a mission that you want to accomplish then your brand is bound to be empty. What does your heart cry out for? What do YOU eat, breath and sleep? What is your heart’s most desired result? THAT is the piece of your brand that will continuously hold it all together. Yes, making money is amazing but it isn’t a motive that will build a successful brand. You have to be fueled by interest, desire, natural characteristics and PASSION. Want to talk about a passionate dude? Look at Steve Jobs. Want to talk about one of the most successful people of all time? Look at Steve Jobs. He was PASSIONATE about creating something different. He had a purpose, he knew exactly what it is that he wanted out of his products and he NEVER let go of that mission. When the company let him go the company took a hit because he was the one that had the KEY DNA. It wasn’t just knowledge and smarts… it was PASSION.

Find the element within you and define your brand. 

When I decided to go into business I knew that I wanted to be more than a graphic designer. Don’t get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with being a graphic designer but I wanted more out of my career. I knew that it had taken me a very long, hard and painful road to get to where I was. I knew that at some point in my past I thought to myself, “I don’t think i’m meant to amount to anything.” It was that memory that fueled my passion to help others achieve their dreams. I wanted to put out the word that it doesn’t matter how long and hard the road was your passion is meant to meet with someone’s need and you can be successful. I knew that I wanted to be a resource to people in order to help facilitate the fulfillment of their dream and THAT fueled me everyday. It became the DNA of my brand… I am fueled by the dreams of others and their stories. Now its your turn!

3 Ways To Find Your Key DNA

    1. Ask yourself why.  Why are you (or did you) start this business? What is your motive? What is your desired end result.
    2. Identify Yourself With It. What makes you believe that people out there need this product or service?
    3. Obsess. Yeah I pretty much mean it literally. Become PASSIONATE about this, go crazy why not? Everyone in history that made it great had a little bit of crazy according to the conventional folks. I don’t think its crazy, I think it is fire fueled passion… and I think it takes you very far.


What are other ways you think you can find your inner DNA in order to sky rocket your brand?

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