3 Ways to Fix Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing3 Ways to Fix Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Have you hit a rocky patch lately? Can you not remember the last new like on your Facebook page? Has it been weeks since someone re-tweeeted you? Are you still not sure why you even started a Pinterest page for your business? Ok, let’s do a little triage. Here are 3 things you can do today to breathe a little life into your social media marketing campaign.

1. Use images to your advantage. I’ve worked with companies In all different industries and there are always ways to use images – whether they are of your products, of the area you service, of your customers, or of your team – better yet, all of that! *Be a good steward of the interweb and make sure to only use images that you have the rights to, or images that are copyright-free.

2. Stop selling to your customers. There are varied approaches to marketing strategy, I’m all about content marketing (giving your customers something interesting and useful. Don’t spend all of your time online trying to hard-sell your customers; social media is about engagement. Still not getting it? How would you feel if you were at a bar or restaurant with your friends and a salesperson sat next to you and started talking up their product? You might be annoyed, why? Because it’s not relevant to you right now. You can sprinkle in sales and product promotion, but only as part of a well-rounded social strategy.

3. Post things that really say something about you. A study showed that posts written in first person have higher engagement rates, which means that people like hearing from you, why? Because you’re a beautiful and unique butterfly. Tell your unique story through images, quotes, and blog articles because the things that set you apart are going to be the keys to your success.

If you are concerned about your engagement, it’s time to look at your marketing strategy. Are you posting content to your networks? Are you responding to customer inquiries on social media? Do you have an empty foursquare account floating around the web, a pin-less Pinterest? Reevaluate what you’re doing, and cut out the extraneous so you can focus on just a few things – try to do those as well as you can.

Written by Jacki Van Meter, founder of Root & Branch Marketing, based in Bozeman, Montana. A social media marketer and outdoor enthusiast, you can find Jacki posting and tweeting about all things tech with some snarky life observations mixed in.


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