Anything Is Possible!

lebron-james-miami-heat13 ways to – “I’m Lebron James, from Akron Ohio, I’m not even supposed to be here- I’m blessed-I got no worries”

Is that the hope that Lebron fills us with? – are we too busy sweating the big stuff to keep our eye on the prize?

1- Lebron has an ego, ( just a little bit), and that gives him an edge

The thing is you can have all the dreams that you dream of, you can think about thinking big, you can even think big, but, if you don’t have swag, ego, self belief and intention then all you do accounts for nothing.

2- It’s ok to have ego
Are we too caught up in the daily activity of being something to forget about how much of a ”something” we wish to be? Do we disregard ego as greed?

Ego is necessary, without ego we can’t get from point 1 to point 2, we can’t move past Series A, we are stagnant, sitting, hoping and praying for Series B. If you possess un-shakeble belief in yourself, you would make it to a Series B meeting and the power of your belief and product would get the deal sealed.

3- Manifest! Believe!
For all ”The Secret” haters… if it were not for dreams; creating; power of belief; and manifestations… Lebron would still be a resident of Akron.

If we do not allow ourselves the space to dream-if we do not believe-if we do not create, even when life provides us with reasons to quit. IF-IF-IF we don’t keep going with what we believe is available and what we believe is possible, then you may as well get a gun and shoot yourself already.

Good luck people, manifest whatever it is you want, own it, sleep with it, f*** it and watch it transform into what you wish it to be.

Anything is possible you just have to believe it is.

I am a Personal fashion stylist. Nutritionist. Motivational speaker. Writer. Personal shopper volunteer at Dress for Success.

My Focus: Have women create their own brand, voice, style & confidence.


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