30 Sponsoring Prospects in 30 Days

Sponsor 30 People in 30 Days


Do you REALLY want to grow your Direct Sales Team? If so, it’s time to get outside of your comfort zone and make a huge effort to reach out to new people!

Unsure where to start? Do you feel like you’ve already asked everyone to join your business? Those are common feelings, and it is usually because we ask those who are in our immediate circle of influence, but we really need to move beyond those we are closest to in order to grow.

Following is a list of prospects and idea starters to help you Sponsor 30 People in 30 Days! Commit to have a sponsoring conversation with one prospect everyday for a month, or if you’re on a really FAST TRACK, knock off a few each day. It’s up to you to make it happen!

#1 Someone who has a birthday this month! What a great gift to give themselves!

#2 A dance teacher! She has contact with tons of people plus she could run lots of fundraisers!

#3 Your neighbor! How many of them do you really know? It’s the perfect way to get closer!

#4 An employee at your local municipal building or tax building! Pay your water bill and/or taxes this month & build your business, too. They see TONS of people!

#5 A teacher! Perfect because they are often looking for ways earn extra $$$ over the summer!

#6 A hairdresser! They talk to so many people everyday!

#7 A High School/College Graduate! A business is great resume builder!

#8 Someone who loves to travel! It’s one of the best perks of this business!

#9 Someone you see at the pool (or invite over to your pool)! Casually looking through your catalog can help you strike up lots of conversations!

#10 The clerk at the gas station! If you pay at the pump, change it up a bit & walk into the store to pay (or at least go in for a pack of gum), the clerk probably has lots of down time & YOUR catalog & business opportunity brochure are the perfect things to help her pass the time!

#11 Your waiter/waitress! A great conversation starter is “What do you like most about this job?” usually, you’ll here what they DON’T like & that will clue you in on how your business could be a great fit for them!

#12 The staff at the doctor/dentist office! Got an appointment? Take in a small basket of samples, catalogs, order forms, & business opportunity magazines & let them know you brought a little treat, and you will pick up the basket and orders tomorrow. Your contact person will be the perfect one to chat up about the business…and she’s already done part of the job by collecting orders!

#13 The lady at the post office! If you are mailing host kits, buying stamps, or mailing catalogs, then why not make a new connection while you are at it!

#14 A parent at dance, cheer, baseball, soccer, etc! After all, we KNOW how expensive all of these activities can be, why not help another mom earn extra income to help defray the costs!

#15 Your Siblings and/or Cousins! Oh PLEASE tell me that you haven’t kept this awesome opportunity from the people who are closest to you! What’s that? You are afraid that if they sign up you won’t have anymore parties? Silly you! Don’t you know that if you rely on your family for all of your parties, then you’ll be out of business before long? BUT if you invite them to join you in this business, then you can both build businesses with people OUTSIDE of your immediate circles & grow WILDLY! Oh, and did I mention you can even VACATION TOGETHER TOO…for free!

#16 Someone you know who is retired or wants to retire! A business like this that can get someone out of the house a bit on their own schedule & extra cash in their pocket is perfect for retired folks! And, if you know someone who wants to retire eventually, then show them the benefits of starting NOW. On our Team, Tonya joined with “10 winters” til she retires, so rather than waiting, she is building her business NOW so it is producing the income she needs at retirement time. Now THAT’S a smart plan!

#17 Someone you know who goes to church! Many times, people who are involved in their church have a ton of contacts that they can start partying with right away, and they may also have potential fundraiser opportunities to help their business get off to a great start!

 #18 Someone you know who used to belong to a different Direct Sales Company! Surely you have a friend/family member who used to sell something else. They may not have had success & quit. Have you talked to them about your Company? Typically, they’ll say “Oh, I tried __________ & it didn’t work.” Well, talk to them about it. Did they have support/training? Was it the right product for them at the right time? I always say, “Finding the right Company is kind of like looking for your spouse, sometimes you have to date around a bit before you find the right one!”

#19 A Facebook friend! Send a private message that is PERSONAL & SPECIFIC to that person as to why you’d love to work with them, and invite them to join your team.

#20 Someone who has placed an outside order for a party this month! We often forget about those not in attendance at the parties, but they obviously love your products & they may want to learn more about the business. So, why not give them a call to say THANKS for the order and to ask if they’d like to hear more about the business?

 #21 A GUY! How many times do we ONLY seek out women as our next new Team Member? Why are we over-looking the guys??? I know I’m guilty of it myself…I did a party & had my eye set on one girl or her mom as my next new Team Member. Lo & behold, at the end of the party her Step Dad came up to me & said “I want to do this!” Bill is now a Team Leader & Top Seller on my team!

#22 Your MOM! We have TONS of mother-daughter teams on our Team. What a great way to get to work with your mom & even travel with her, too!

 #23 The bank teller! You probably see the people at the bank every week when you stop to deposit your party checks. Why not strike up a conversation about how much you love that your job allows you to work when you want and make as much commission as you’d like!

#24 A realtor! Real Estate agents are used to working with people, used to selling, and used to working on commission. Plus, they can use your products as closing gifts & get them with their Consultant Discount!

#25 A nurse! Nurses seem to have a ton of contacts…I know they always seem to be great hosts, so I would have to imagine that they would have a lot of contacts to help them start off their business with a bang!

#26 Someone having a baby! What a perfect time to start a new business. They can build up their clientele now, & then have a great party business to work when the baby arrives! Many new moms are torn by having to go back to work full-time…your business be a great solution for them!

#27 Someone who is on an adult Softball team! (Or soccer team, or bowling league, or golf league etc.) These ladies will have about 15-20 girlfriends who they see on a regular basis that they can ask to do their first round of parties. They may also even be able to do a fundraiser for the team right from the start!

#28 The employee at the Easter or Mother’s Day flower stand in Spring or fireworks store in the summer! Their job is temporary & they’ll need an income once it’s done! Start a conversation & see if your business can be a good fit for them :o)

#29 Your friend who always plans Girls Night Out! She is obviously your “party girl” & has friends who like to get together!

#30 Someone at the bar! It’s easy to strike up a conversation in a social setting! Keep agreements in your purse & have them sign on the dotted line…as long as they’re not too tipsy ;)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed these ideas for sponsoring new Consultants. Our next new Team Members are truly EVERYWHERE, we just have to be willing to see them!

Happy Sponsoring!~ Kim Denne

Kim Denne has 20 years of Direct Sales experience, and is still working in the field as a salesperson and a Sr. Team Mentor of a $1.2M team. Find more Direct Sales tips at her blog, www.FoodandHappinessbyKimDenne.com. She can also be found at www.Pinterest.com/KimDenne, www.Facebook.com/KimDenneTS and on Twitter: @KimDenne.

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