30 ways to improve your social media knowledge this month

30 ways to improve your social media knowledge this month

Somewhere in between the PR pitches, tech announcements, and six second video snippets, you may just find time this month to understand a few new social media tools and best practices.

Keeping in mind that our collective heads are exploding, I have taken the liberty to compile a “To Do” list for the month. Feel free to take a day off or switch things up a bit.

1. Do you know the best type of content marketing?

2. 5 ways to get the most from Google+

3. The power of words

4. 7 ways to source content for your brand

5. Incorporating Reddit into your PR strategy

6. Tools and resources for keyword search

7. How to capitalize on trending topics

8. 12 gems from Seth Godin on the emotional marketing revolution

9. How to make killer Vine and Instagram videos

10. Entrepreneurs: Don’t monetize your business, monetize your passion!

11. Top 10 tips for video marketing success

12. Best practices in email marketing

13. 5 tools for creating your own infographics

14. The best tools for measuring social media influence

15. The power of website design

16. Is Snapchat right for you?

17. 3 easy ways to earn media through online PR

18. Guidelines for an effective editorial calendar

19. Page managers: 7 new features of Facebook’s Insights

20. How to dominate Google by guest posting 

21. Use Slideshare for lead generation

22. Visit Recitethis.com and create free images with short quotes in seconds

23. 12 ways to build an online community

24. Is your website deliciously sticky?

25. The explosion of local mobile marketing 

26. 10 essential WordPress plugins

27. The growing pains of native advertising 

28. Why your blog is not converting readers into customers

29. Infographic: Photos and videos are shared 12x more than text

30. Follow Nilofer Merchant. She’s a former admin turned author, speaker, and Fortune 500 CEO. This dynamo has been dubbed the “Jane Bond of Innovation.”

Which ones are your favorites or hot topics? I really like Nos. 10, 13, and 28.


Happy exploring!

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