4 Key Aspects of Content Strategy

4 Key Aspects of Content Strategy

What’s the future of content marketing? It depends who you ask, I suppose.

On Sunday, I participated in #Blogchat on Twitter. It’s one of my favorite online places to learn. And it’s a terrific spot for small business owners.

The guest expert was author and entrepreneur Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute.

Pulizzi shared tips on the importance of building an audience for your blog, and converting loyal followers. He also covered the future of content marketing.

Here are the highlights and tweets from Joe Pulizzi:

On the purpose of your blog:

    • Once we know the why, we need to clearly focus on who the audience is for our blog.
    • There are three reasons to create a blog: to generate sales, to save costs, or to create more loyal customers.
    • Your blog needs to create an audience. We can’t do much good if we don’t have an audience.
    • The blog can be the center of our entire content marketing strategy. Think of it as home base.

On building loyalty with readers:

    • The blog is the place where we should be creating passionate subscribers…subscribers are key.
    • The most valuable part of your blog is the audience you have opt-in permission from to communicate with.
    • Remember, 80% of your web traffic will never come back again. We need to work very hard to get them to subscribe.
    • Think like a media company. The value of a media company is in their list (the audience). Convert traffic to subscribers.

On the six important aspects of your blog:

    • Your content must fill a need in the marketplace that is not being met.
    • You must be consistent. Blog at the same time and frequency every week (just like a newspaper would).
    • You need to tell stories like a human being would. Get rid of corporate speak.
    • You need to have a point of view. What is your take? Why are you the expert? Show it with your content.
    • Remove the sale. Never sell anything directly in the content of your blog.
    • Your goal should be best of breed. Strive to be the leading content creator for your content niche.

On the future of content marketing:

    • Podcasts are going to really break out very shortly. They will be more easily available and there is a lack of content now.
    • Sure, everyone is talking video. But I see opportunity in audio, print, and in-person events.
    • Google+ Hangouts are another way to market. I like that you can create a podcast out of a hangout.
    • Longer form content is making a comeback. We are seeing 1000+ word posts perform WAY better than shorter posts.

#Blogchat is every Sunday night at 8:00 PM/Eastern. The founder and host, @MackCollier, has a stellar lineup of guest experts for the coming weeks.

It’s a smart and most enjoyable group!

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