4 Keys To A Successful Business Launch

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Believe it or not, Hera Hub was not my first go around at the Entrepreneur wheel – I have been a serial entrepreneur. I have had many successes and even more failures. But through all of this experience I have gained invaluable knowledge of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. When it boils down to it, I believe there are 4 key essentials to launching and building a successful business.

1.  A Unique Product and User Experience

When coming up with a new business it is really important to think about the uniqueness of your product, or what I like to call the “experience” of your business. So, if you’re developing a web platform, what is the experience that someone is going to have when enter that site?

Build your business around that desired experience. Provide an experience in everything from the packaging, to your store, to the message. If you can create a unique experience surrounding your brand, that sets you apart from your competitors, you can be tremendously successful at selling almost anything. 

2. Collaboration with your Strategic Alliances 

Today the business world is shifting. The scene is changing from a competitive combative marketplace to a more collaborative marketplace, and women are leading the charge. So it is important to have solid strategic alliances. 

Strategic Alliances are other groups in your industry that are supporting and working towards the same goals as your company. I use this term in exchange for “partners” because “partners” has a connotation of a legal structure.

At Hera Hub we have many strategic alliances with professional women’s organizations and other groups supporting our demographic. It is important to identify your strategic alliances, so that you can work together to effect greater change in the environment that you can on your own.

3. Build Your Tribe

I love this concept. Your tribe is your base; the community that surrounds you and supports your product, business, and mission whole heartedly. These are the people that are going to rally behind you and be your brand evangelists. 

So it is very important to identify these people and this group. Once you identify them, the next step is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with them by providing and continuing to provide an amazing experience. 

4. Stay in Front of Your Tribe

Gone are the days of Push Marketing; today it is all about “pull.” It is now about softly staying in front of your tribe. Social Media is a great tool to softly lead your tribe while also reaching the broader community. 

Social Media makes it really easy to start a relationship with somebody. Of course, you still need the in-person connection to build and foster a relationship. But using social media on the back end can help you remain influential and allows you to softly stay in front of your tribe. 

Today, now more than ever, with so many self-help and quick schemes for success, it is important to keep in mind that there is no magic bullet to success. To have success in your business, it takes a lot of hard work. But as long as you remain loyal to your tribe and continue to produce a wonderful experience, you can build and grow a really amazing business.  

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