4 New Networking Ideas

4 New Networking Ideas

We’re all familiar with the usual ways of networking when we’re looking to see what else is out there, right? LinkedIn, coffee dates, industry networking events. It can get tedious at times to do these things over and over again. So what are some ways to think outside the box while figuring out your next step?

Host Your Own Event: Yes, you heard me. I know someone who puts on a First Friday at his apartment every…first Friday of the month. He invites a bunch of people from all aspects of his life and asks everyone to bring something to share to eat or drink. It’s always a different group, and you never know who you’re going to meet. If hosting at your place isn’t your bag or you’d rather do it with a couple of friends, organize something at one of their places or at a public spot where fun can be had as well as good conversation.

Go To An Event Outside Your Industry: No, I don’t mean that if you’re in finance you should go to a convention for doctors. What I mean is go to an event or workshop that might be related, but not 100%. For example, last month I spent 2 days at a design thinking workshop hosted by the Design Gym in Brooklyn. Or this interesting yet unrelated to my job event on lessons learned from the Obama campaign. You’ll be meeting like minded people from different walks of life and who knows- maybe they know of someone or some job that’s relevant to you. And you’d never know this by staying in your normal circle.

Linked In: Yes, I know I said this was one of the typical ways we now look for new positions. But do you know the various tricks and tips to use LinkedIn on turbo drive? 1) Join relevant industry groups. Then you’re able to message people directly that you’re not connected to. 2) Put a concise statement after your name on your profile so people know immediately what you do. For me, that’s “Jill Ozovek, CPC (Certified Professional Coach). 3) Use the tagline under your name wisely. There’s a word limit but doing it up properly will enable you to be searched for my potential employers. 4) Customize your LinkedIn profile URL. You can only change it once or twice, so choose wisely! 4) Dot your profile with relevant keywords (but don’t keyword STUFF it). T

Do It Regularly. Not just when you’re looking for a job. Check in with your peeps when you don’t need any help and may be able to lend them a hand. This can make it easier to ask and generally makes people more open to helping.

What else are you all doing to network in times of career change, job search or otherwise? I’d love to hear what other ideas you have. Leave ‘em in the comments below!

And if you’re interested in more career-related posts, visit me at www.jillozovek.com.

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