4 Reasons to Remodel Your Basement this Winter


© Sergey Nivens - Fotolia.com
© Sergey Nivens – Fotolia.com

If you’re lucky enough to own a home with a basement, that’s a lot of unfinished real estate at your disposal. Many homeowners with they had a little more square footage, and many do (they just don’t use it). Basements can come in all steps of being “finished” and it might seem like a daunting task. You might see this as your storage space, oversized laundry room, or simply a place to avoid when you’re at home alone at night, but it shouldn’t be that way.


Consider this: there are many high-end home where part of the ground level is “built in” to the landscaping. Homes built on hills commonly feature this, and it’s nearly the same thing as a basement. Start by checking out the top rated basement remodeling firms in your area, schedule free estimates, and talk with the pros about what you envision. Refinishing your basement might be faster and more affordable than you think, with plenty of benefits:


1. Added home value


Whether you’re prepping to sell or not, everyone can benefit from improving their home’s value. Check out the tips from This Old House to easily boost your home’s value, and make use of every square foot of your space. Opting to leave a basement as a musty, dark and dusty old storage bin is the least effective way to maximize your space. Get more value and a higher asking price should selling be in your future.


2. Enjoy your space


Have you always dreamt of an exercise studio at home, a writer’s den, a meditation space or an extra bedroom when the whole extended family stays? It’s literally right underneath your nose. However, you need to make sure the space is suitable for your needs. For example, Hongkiat offers some great advice on how to create the best home office. If you don’t love the space, then you’re not going to feel comfortable using it.


3. It’s a magnet for flooding


At the very least, a little remodeling of the basement can lower the risk of a flood. Since this is an area that’s often overlooked, leaky pipes can go unnoticed. There’s also the risk of heavy rain or melting snow seeping through basement windows if there’s not proper soil grading by the foundation. Spending a little extra time and attention in this part of the house can help you avoid a disaster.


4. It’s an instant party spot


Remember when kids used to have parties in the basement or when you used your college house’s basement for parties? You can do the same thing as an adult by creating a wine cellar in this spacious area. Dress it up with a fireplace, plush couches and your vino of choice to make your home the go-to cocktail spot this holiday season.

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