4 Reasons Why Your eLearning Course Must Be Mobile Friendly

Why Your eLearning Course Must Be Mobile Friendly

Nearly 80% of users in 2019 were using mobile devices to access the internet.

Almost 40% of all online transactions take place on mobile devices.

Over 50% of websites in 2020 use responsive designs for being mobile friendly. [Source]

And then several other statistics back the idea of creating mobile friendly content. And the same idea can work wonders for your eLearning course as well. Not too sure about that?

In this post, we are talking about four reasons why your eLearning course can’t do its best if it’s not mobile friendly.

1. Ease Of Access

One of the biggest benefits of creating a mobile friendly eLearning course is the ease of access.

It goes without saying an eLearning course that can be accessed via cell phone or tablet devices can be accessed more often than one that works only when the laptop or desktop is switched on.

Basically, you can learn from a mobile friendly course while travelling in the metro or while sitting at the subway or maybe a cafe when you are away from your PC.

However, if the course wasn’t mobile friendly, you would have to wait till you got home, switched on your PC and then attended the lessons.

The same goes for the course trainers and managers as well.

If you pick a mobile friendly LMS, by using an LMS app, you’ll be able to track and manage your program’s progress right on your smartphone.

2. It Enables You To Reach More People

Yes, in the first section itself we shared some stats about how a large number of people use mobile phones for accessing the internet and acquiring information.

So, if you are creating a course or an informative blog post or a training program or any other piece of content for that matter, ignoring your potential mobile audience can be a bad idea.

However, if you make sure that your eLearning course is mobile friendly, you will be successful in encouraging more and more people to subscribe to your course and hence attend it.

3. Support For All Learning Styles and Comforts

One factor that we must keep in mind while creating content for our course is that our learners should be comfortable with how it commences, proceeds and finishes.

In simple words, the idea is to create content that our learners can consume according to their preferences. So, whether they want to watch your lessons while sitting in the park, or to listen to your podcasts as they go for a morning walk or simply choose any other way of their own.

By offering this level of convenience, you can surely encourage a lot of your prospect learners to join your eLearning course.

Apart from this, it’s a fact that mobile friendly eLearning courses allow trainers to deliver useful content in a variety of formats including videos, infographics, gamified courses and even simple social collaborations.

4. Better Engagement Options

People may not always be too conscious about the notifications on their PCs, but somehow, at most times, they are aware about notifications on their smartphones.

Do you get the point?

If you create an eLearning course in the form of a mobile app, you will be able to send notifications to your learners’ smartphones. This simply indicates better chances of engaging with them on a closer level. Surely we must not miss out on this.

Final words

If you’ve been planning on creating a course and aren’t sure whether it should be mobile friendly or not, this post was for you.

Here we talked about four benefits of making your eLearning course mobile friendly.

Hopefully, this was helpful.