4 “Relationship” Tips for Every Relationship in a Woman’s Life

African American businesswoman social networkWomen have a lot of relationships: Romantic ones, those with their kids, with their friends, their work and their bodies to name a few. Each of these relationships require nurturing, taking time to grow them and of course squeeze a little more time and effort out of a woman’s already hectic schedule. Whether you’re thinking about getting back into the dating world, taking a better and more holistic approach to self care or want to prioritize spending more time with aging parents, a lot of relationship advice normally reserved for romance can be applied to all aspects of your life.

There’s plenty of advice on how to date, but don’t put your other relationships on the back burner. Consider how these “best tips” can actually be applied to every relationship you should be fostering. By applying the same approaches to each of them, you’re not just improving relationships but improving your own best practices to lead a better life.

1. When you’re there, really be there

Multi-tasking isn’t something you should be doing unless it’s at work and you have no choice. No matter what relationship you’re working on at the moment, be fully there. Don’t check your phone on a date, don’t read a book while on the elliptical, and don’t try to squeeze in “one quick work email” while at your child’s recital. Give 100 percent at all times.

2. Practice active listening

Most people aren’t really “listening,” but instead waiting for their turn to talk. Active listening doesn’t mean nodding at the right times, but instead truly soaking up what your partner is saying whether it’s a spouse or your own body.

3. Be on time

If you’re chronically late, whether it’s to meet a friend for happy hour or for you weekly yoga class, remember how it looks. Many people take it as a sign that you don’t care about their time, and at the “best” it makes you look scattered and unable to manage your time. Being on time is a sign of respect and something (as an adult) you should be able to master.

4. Let go of what’s not working

Has a friendship outgrown itself, do you now hate your weekly Zumba class, or is that couple’s counseling just not helping with your boyfriend? Know when to let a relationship go. Holding on is toxic and not helping anybody.

Relationships are work no matter who they’re with. Make sure it’s worth the effort.

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