4 Rules to Create Effective Social Media Accounts

social mediaAround here, we think it can be good to go back to the basics every now and again. With that being said, do you ever find yourself wondering how to create an effective social media account? If so, here are four simple rules to reflect on when developing a presence online for your business.

1. Gain Exposure and Awareness for Your Social Media Accounts

Before you even think about anything else, you’ll need to focus on building an engaged audience that connects with your content via social media. One way of accomplishing this is to simply promote your social media accounts. For example, publicizing your presence on Twitter to the fans of your Facebook page (and vice versa) will help build greater outreach and effectiveness.
Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is taboo to promote your online efforts offline. If you have a free-standing business, make sure you’re displaying some type of collateral that advertises your online efforts and is visible to anyone walking by or even to someone sitting in your waiting room. By making your presence through social media easy to find, you allow yourself to create a communication network that extends far past your first meeting with customers or prospects.

2. Monitor Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Because of this, you’ll need to have the capability to monitor what’s going on at any time. When you can’t be in the office, one way to get around this is to hire a social media consultant who has the ability to respond to any comments or concerns. Additionally, setting up notifications on your phone that alert you when anyone has posted, shared, or mentioned your brand is another way to keep up with the conversation.

Your customers should always be first priority and you should always be aware of their wants or needs. Being attentive to feedback and strategic in your response, will gain you trust and loyalty; which will have a lasting effect. This will always keep your audience coming back for more!

3. Organize and Schedule Messaging

There are certain tools that are highly useful and will assist you in saving time. Companies like HubSpot or HootSuite offer solutions to streamline and schedule social media messages. HootSuite offers several solutions that can improve your presence like the ability to manage multiple social networks at once while scheduling messages and tweets, tracking brand mentions, and analyzing social media traffic. Additionally, HubSpot has the same capabilities but can also assist your company with blogging and search engine optimization.

4. Be Selective in Choosing Content

Many organizations forgot how important it is to strategically think about content. The best way to stay organized and on top of social media posting is to create a content calendar. It is better to have a plan for content and to establish how many times a week you will post to each social network. For example, you may choose to post only twice a week to Facebook while planning to post daily on Twitter. This will keep you from disseminating too much content that will drive fans away from you.
The saying ‘less is more’ rings true for social media. You don’t want your customers to scroll past your content becuause they have become so used to seeing it. Stay current and after you learn what works for your brand, keep the momenteum going. Your message should be to the point and have a story to tell that will keep the customer reading past the first sentence of your update.

We hope these four tips are helpful when creating effective social media accounts for your business. What additional tips can you share with us?

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