4 Self-Employment and Business Ideas for Nurses

Nursing is a job that’s easy to burn out on. It’s demanding work that typically involves long hours, high levels of stress and frequent emotional highs and lows. It’s no surprise that many nurses end up looking for other income streams.

If you’re a nurse who’s interested in pursuing other opportunities, consider the following 4 self-employment and business ideas. All of these ideas will allow you to transfer and build on the skills you’ve already developed as a nurse.

1. Health Blogger

There’s a huge crowd of people who are hungry for information about every aspect of health; they search for info about topics like how to lower their blood pressure, which vitamins they should take and how to avoid getting the flu. As a nurse, you’re perfectly positioned to give people solid answers to many of these complex questions – and, unlike your hospital nursing job, there is no limit to the number of people you’ll be able to help. Once you’ve posted an article in your blog, that bit of writing could continue to help people for decades into the future.

While it’s not easy to build a blog following from scratch, once you get rolling, the income-earning opportunities are virtually unlimited.

2. Concierge Nurse

Concierge medicine, in general, is gaining popularity as people look for ways to reduce their healthcare costs and increase the value they get from the money they spend on healthcare. There are tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurial nurses to take advantage of this growing trend. Concierge nurses can offer services comparable to or better than the services that patients would get in a hospital. Possibilities include nursing care after surgery, support for injuries and care during illnesses.

A concierge nursing business is only workable if you’re able to be proactively careful about following all applicable laws. As with hospital nursing, you’re unable to assume the duties of a physician. However, it might be possible for you to team up with a like-minded physician to conduct this type of business, ensuring that your patients would easily have access to the services that both types of healthcare professionals can provide.

3. Home Birth Midwife

Home birth is a growing trend in the USA, according to the CDC. Each year, an estimated 50,000+ babies are born outside of hospitals, with about 35,000+ of these being planned home births. Women who are planning home births tend to favour hiring certified nurse midwives to act as their healthcare providers before, during and after the birth of their babies.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and you began your career as an obstetric nurse, you already possess most of the skills necessary to succeed as a home birth midwife. However, to legally practice midwifery in many locations, you will need to obtain a high-level graduate degree such as a nursing master or greater. You’ll also most likely need to brush up on your marketing skills, because you’ll have to find your own clients.

4. Medical Talent Recruiter

In many first-world countries, healthcare facilities are experiencing shortages of qualified healthcare personnel. Many of these organizations have big budgets allocated for attracting and hiring the healthcare professionals they need. As the owner of a medical talent recruiting business, you could help to connect your talented colleagues with jobs they’d excel at – which would be win-win-win for everyone involved.

These are not the only self-employment opportunities for nurses; there are virtually unlimited numbers of business opportunities that would be possible for people who have cultivated nurses’ skills. However, these are 4 of the most interesting and viable possibilities for business ventures that registered nurses could succeed with.


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