4 Steps To User-Friendlier Online Checkout

shopping-cart-moneyThat salad would have been so perfect with dinner.

Dinner was at home in the crockpot, no doubt making my kitchen smell divine. All I wanted were a few ingredients to make a nice salad to go with it. A quick stop in the supermarket and I’d be home right away. How complicated could it be?

Shopping-cart-with-dollar-symbol-300x225As I looked at the checkout line, lettuce and other salad accoutrements in hand, I suddenly remembered why I don’t like shopping at 5:30 pm. The only movement in the line I was seeing was the departure of those who simply gave up waiting. After several minutes of not moving, I put my few items back and left.

The frozen peas from my freezer did little to enhance my nice dinner, but at least I was home and out of that line!

Your business may have a great product on its website. It may be just what certain people want. Even so, people are not always going to be willing to walk through what seems like a maze to get it. Shopping cart abandonment happens with frequency and is a problem businesses need to address and hopefully reduce. A recent survey of 663 ecommerce executives and online marketers revealed the following suggestions for a higher conversion rate for a website:

Offer free shipping. This may be a tough one for all businesses to deliver, but it has been shown to be a factor in the completion of a sale. The free shipping offer can be in conjunction with a minimum purchase price. Also, let any shipping offers be known up front and provide a link that will answer shipping questions.

Offer guest shopping. It is not advisable to force shoppers to create an account simply to make a purchase. Offer the option to create an account at the end of the checkout process.

Keep the process simple. From the browsing to the checkout, the process should be clean and easy. Make sure that it is always easy to view the items in the shopping cart for a less confusing shopping experience. Also, be certain the procedure by which customers can change quantities or colors is easy to use and does not require them to be sent back and forth, something that is sure to make them weary of shopping on your website.

Limit checkout to one page. Shorter checkout means less time and opportunity for confusion and also less time for customers to overthink their way out the door. If multiple steps are required, be sure to include a progress indicator to help customers along their way.

A smartly designed shopping cart and a speedy, simple checkout will be an enormous help in closing the sale. Let GTech Designs remove the roadblocks and pave the way to a quick, user-friendly, profitable website!

This post is from Bola Olonisakin, Creative Head & Online Strategist at GTechDesigns LLC. Bola specializes in web design and development techniques, standards and methodology. She works to enable organizations to grow their web strategy and increase the visibility of their websites. If you’re interested in improving your web presence, feel free to contact her at [email protected], or @gtechdesigns on Twitter. This post was originally posted at www.gtechdesigns.com.

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