4 Tech Tips and Trends to Consider for Your Small Business Success

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You had a good idea, you put your money where your dreams were, and you finally managed to build and grow a small business that you want to keep on an ascending trajectory. In our day and time, not relying on technology to increase efficiency, save money, keep your business safe and one step ahead of the competition is a huge mistake.

Everything is online, mobile and live-streamed. Everything relies on tech – or at least on your ability to choose the best technological means, trends, and advancements to develop your business more. Today we will take a look at some tip and trends in technology and see how you can benefit from them.

1. Embrace Mobile Tech from All Points of View

According to specialists, having a mobile version for your website is one of the first things you need to consider and invest in. Google offered the Mobile Optimization Guidelines and ignoring them can really hurt the way your site ranks and performs. As a corollary, don’t for a second think that SEO is dead, as some rumors whispered a few years ago.

Mobile technology is one of the most significant tech trends to focus on, as it allows you, your employees and your collaborators to work from home, while traveling, from hubs or different locations, thus improving your business’s overall efficiency and versatility – not to mention it saves you a lot of money.

2. Cloud Computing and Cloud-Based Software

We do live in the cloud era, and cloud services are on the rise. Besides cloud storage – that is essential no matter how large or small your business is, you now benefit from dozens of cloud services and software which increase your productivity, efficiency, control and communication with employees, suppliers, clients, and specialists.

While Dropbox is the first that comes to mind when you talk about secure cloud storage and minimum investments, there are plenty of other cloud storage solutions out there, together with services that you didn’t imagine existing, from accounting tools to fleet management tools. Cloud storage proved to be highly beneficial for businesses no matter their size.

3. Cybersecurity

By cyber security, we don’t mean just installing the latest version of your preferred antivirus software, but taking severe measures against external and internal attacks, phishing, migration to EMV payment standards, business intelligent software, and protection against online fraud or sale of stolen IPs.

One idea you should consider is regularly checking the National Cyber Security Alliance’s website to learn about the newest cyber threats – after all, prevention is key.

4. Use of the Newest Tech Developments

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We live in a fast-paced world, and you can find a discovery, a new development, and a new upgrade everywhere you look. It doesn’t matter that you want to use Facebook Live for increasing your social media impact, a login guide to make your logins to various websites and services faster and easier or trendy content creation tools and social platforms. Pinterest and Instagram are on the rise, so you might consider setting up some smart accounts to increase user engagement, brand awareness, and business networking.

All of these, plus omni-commerce strategies will help you keep your edge over your competitors. However, before jumping at the opportunity, make a thorough analysis of these available means, tools, platforms, and trends to see which of them best fit your business.

Not all brands or industry fields can capitalize on Facebook Live streaming, while investing in SaaS in your first business year may prove to be counterproductive. Each tech solution needs to be taken with its proverbial grain of salt – but never overlooked. Adaptation is essential and implementing new technologies or solutions, and it should always go through a serious SWOT analysis, to say the least.

There are plenty other of tech tips and trends you need to keep an eye on as a small business. From reaching out to millennials from using advanced analytics tools, you have infinite options to stay ahead, plan ahead and move forward.

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