4 Tips for Successful Social Media

Social MediaToday, you can’t deny social media’s worldwide cultural influence. Taking that to heart, small businesses need to place high priority on the development of social media campaigns and learn from the past failures of social media marketing strategies.

Whether you have yet to begin or your a few months in, here are 4 tips for successful social media…

Social Metrics

To flourish as a business, you need to become familiar with your customer base and their tendencies. This is where metrics comes in. Without social metrics, companies are way behind the curve and left in the dark on the success of a social media campaign. Measuring the quality of content should take precedence because, as the saying goes, content is king. Examining each piece of content’s overall page views, time on page and unique pages viewed will indicate the success of individual content and whether or not your company is reaching a larger slice of the consumer pie.

Google Analytics is the ideal social metrics tool. It can measure your referral traffic from social media networks, not to mention the vast array of other measurements. Related to this is “share of voice” or the mention of your brand on social networks versus the mention of competing brands.SocialMention is a free tool that measures all social conversations to clarify where you stand against competitors. By extracting this data, improvements can be made accordingly.

Social Understanding

Social media is often misunderstood. It’s no mere form of advertisement, but a tool of absolute necessity for the success of any modern company. Shallow understanding of social media will surely leave any company in the dust. A cognizance of social platform differentials and the unique ways in which customers use them are pivotal in the development of your company’s social media function. Your company and the entire team will need a firm understanding of search engine optimization as well to reel in customers. Google Adwords keyword tool is one method to reveal what word searches will help your business be discovered.

Social Expense

As with anything, social media requires time and money. True, there are many free social tools, but they lack the possibilities and polish that the premium tools flaunt. How will you manage your social campaign? To properly cover social media expectations and realize results, consider outsourcing to social media to those who live and breath social media, like us. There are several social media companies out there, so do you research and team up with one that feels right to you.

Social Engagement

GoDaddy CEO, Bob Parsons, said in his 16 Rules for Success,“Anything that is not managed will deteriorate.” Social media strategies require constant oversight and engagement. A steady stream of original posts and responding to customer questions and concerns can not be underestimated in its advantageous ripple effect. Another growing component in social engagement is social care or customer service via social media. Consumers don’t take this new form of customer service lightly. Failing to immediately address complaints will severely damage your reputation. The constant evolution of social media makes it difficult to stay afloat, but as long as businesses regularly engage customers and potential customer, they need not worry.

Want more? Feel free to take advantage of our complimentary marketing + social media audit. Connect today to learn how to turn social into leads and leads into closed business.


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