4 Tips for Your Marketing Plan to Soar in 2014! Let’s Go!

521315_328099223937346_1897719464_nNo business can live without effective marketing, no matter what you try or do, you must get your business and brand to the masses. As a Career & Life Strategist for female professionals and entrepreneurs, my business thrives on impacting others for success, but my business can’t breathe without a solidified marketing direction. When I decided to take my vision out to the globe, I saw my numbers grow, my client list increase, and amount of subscribers went upward.

1. Beef up your social media game. To tell you the truth, some people cannot get with diversifying their social media strategy. Facebook, alone, is not the answer. If you want to reach people past your city limits, you will have to invest time into other portals like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+, even Pinterest and Instagram are other ways to reach people that should hear about your industry. Don’t limit yourself to one or two sources, get out there.
2. Revisit your ideal customer base. Are you considering changing up your demographic? Think about your customer base again. If you are some success with your current demographic then continue, but if you’re having some issues with your selected base, revisit this again. You may have to change up your approaches, branding plans, or switching up altogether.
3. Set a budget. In order to take your business higher, you may have to have some investment in your services, either you want to pay someone to manage that, like a PR agent or a marketing coach. Investment can also be done with online tools that manage your social media platform for you. But setting a monetary program can help you visualize your business moving forward.
4. What free products or programs are attractive to your customers, but that can leave them wanting more? Think about some little freebies that you can give to customers to help them know about what you do, what you offer, but also leave them wanting for more. You have many business owners that give away soooo much for free and they are frustrated because people are not banging down their door for services.

Your marketing should be built on faith, potential, and action. You want people to know about your vision, which could turn into sales, and of course revenue. Believe in your purpose, God’s plan, and watch things come together in your destiny.

Jai Turner is a Career & Life Strategist for O.S. Career & Life Solutions, a career and life management company for women. She is a passionate about helping other women succeed and it’s her desire to impact the lives of others for holistic change. If you are interested in contacting Jai for questions, guest blogging opportunities or her services, visit www.oscareerandlife.com.

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