4 Tips to Stop “Finding” Balance and Start Creating It

Yoga people training and meditating warrior poseThroughout my journey from employee to entrepreneur, and all the journeys of others I’ve come across in my work with women entrepreneurs’, one thing that holds true is this:

No matter where we are in our businesses or where we find ourselves, there’s always the desire to find and achieve more balance and focus in our lives.

It’s something we’re constantly searching for and are accurate in doing so because ultimately, it affects our ability to enjoy ourselves, look good while we’re at it, show up and truly produce the results we desire in our businesses, personal and professional lives.

But our pursuit of balance and focus leaves out the most critical aspect of our ability to truly experience it throughout our lives and although our efforts can be deemed commendable and even beneficial in some cases, the truth is:

Balance and focus isn’t something that can be found, it must be created.

Our ability to have balance and focus in our lives isn’t a one size fits all mold that we can all go out, find and purchase at a local store: it requires that we set the mold.

And our ability to get real with ourselves, create balance and focus in on our lives isn’t something that’s hard, difficult or impossible to do, once we begin to do it.

So how do we go about creating more balance and focus in our lives?

Realize that creating balance and focus in your life and business is the only way to create the life you desire.

Let’s face it:

You can’t run a business, enjoy the fruits of your labor or feel great about your life or your business if you’re burned out, over worked, stressed and feeling constant disease in your body and/or mind.

Trying to “find” balance hasn’t served much in creating it, so take the time now to celebrate this desire, get real with yourself and understand that you are worth the balance and focus that you require. Here are four tips to creating balance.

Define balance and ask yourself what having it really means to you.

Being able to experience balance and focus in your life becomes easier when you know exactly what it is and what it means to you, so take the time now to sit with your thoughts, grab a pen and paper and really ask yourself why having balance is so important in your life.

Ask yourself what the next year or two would look like without it and use this to set an intention to keep balance and focus as a top priority in your life and/or business.

Focus in on what you truly want.

Understanding what balance means to you creates clarity around the areas that need to be focused on and the tools that best serve our interests, so take some time here to explore what having balance looks like for you and be as detailed as you possibly can.

Go deep and describe the feelings you feel, words you use and actions you take as a result of feeling balanced and use your findings to fuel the way you live your life each day.

Create boundaries and stick with them – they’re here to help you.

Put your foot down. Say no to the things that are no longer serving you and create boundaries that are a direct reflection of your intention.

Use your boundaries often and take pride in your ability to do something beneficial for you, regardless of the way you may feel in the moment when they arise.

Celebrate each and every time you stand up for yourself and your business. Make it your business to revisit and review them on a regular basis to ensure they are best serving you.

Most of all:

Understand that by reading this far, doing the exercises and taking in these tips to create balance, peace and success, you have made a tremendous step towards achieving it in your own life – but it’s not enough.

The ability to create a more balanced, more focused life can be used at any given time, but it’s up to you decide when and how you will use it.

So use it and stop trying to “find” balance, it’s already within you.

Thanks for taking a stand and thank you for reading!

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Jessika Baptist is an Abundance Coach and Motivational Speaker, who enjoys helping women make bank physically, emotionally, mentally and financially by transforming the way they view themselves and their relationship with money.  Connect with Jessika on: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram LinkedIn

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