4 Ways Mobile VoIP Benefits Small Businesses


So much is happening across the tech industry right now that it can be challenging to keep up with developments. But when you’re a female entrepreneur or business owner and needing to maximize available resources, it’s vital to stay up to date as much as you can.

Lately, the mobile VoIP trend has solidified into one of the more beneficial telecommunication tools for small businesses. Are you on board with it?

An overview of mobile VoIP benefits

Over the past few years, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has proven to be an incredibly cost-effective alternative to a standard landline business phone. Taking it a step further, mobile VoIP makes use of cell phones (specifically, smartphones) in conjunction with with standard voice over IP technology to increase telecommunication flexibility and speed up connections. It’s essentially made an already good technology even better.

Four benefits of mobile VoIP

So what are the specific advantages to using mobile VoIP over a standard VoIP service or landline? Here are just a few:

  • Comfort factor. In the rapidly growing BYOD culture, companies have learned a pretty important lesson: employees love to use their own devices. There’s an undeniable comfort factor involved when people are allowed to use their personal devices to perform work. This principle holds true for mobile VoIP, too. For example, an employee with an iPhone 6 doesn’t necessarily want to leave her phone in the car or a desk drawer, and have to conduct business on an outdated office landline that has only a fraction of the capability. She’d much rather let her iPhone act as her mobile VoIP device, and avoid the constant adjustment and potential learning curve with having to use multiple phones.

  • Flexible. Flexibility is one of the primary benefits. With mobile VoIP, you aren’t limited with regard to where you can access your business phone line, voicemails, or contacts due to your geographical location. You can make a call, listen to a voicemail, or perform any other function from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

  • Cost-effective. As stated earlier, mobile VoIP is incredibly cost-effective. From a company point of view, it reduces the need for hardware and phones, while simultaneously cutting your spending on costly voice plans. It also allows employees to make business calls while they’re out of the office without cutting into their personal cellular plans.

  • Sophisticated voice messaging. Voicemails are a huge part of business, and mobile VoIP technology can greatly enhance the process. From being able to see voicemails visually and store them in custom folders, to sending mass voice messages to employees and screen sharing, mobile VoIP is to standard office phones what the smartphone was to the flip phone.

Making the switch

Now that you’ve seen what it can do, does mobile VoIP sound like it might be a good fit for your business? If so, you have plenty of providers, plans, and technologies to choose from. Take a look at this list from some of the top Android and iOS apps for VoIP.

While VoIP technology provides an attractive alternative to costly, clunky landlines, mobile VoIP is utterly transforming the business arena. It’s time you jumped on board and unlocked all these benefits before your competition does so.

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