4 Ways Poor Sleep Can Ruin Female Entrepreneurs

Sleepless womanWomen are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting quality sleep, and if you’re an entrepreneur this can leak over into your professional life. Consider this: Women are naturally attuned to wake up to high pitched noises, as it’s their body’s way of indicating their child is in need (even if you have no children). According to sleep expert Dr. Barbara Phillips, women are less likely than men to get diagnosed with sleep apnea (which means they suffer from it more). The National Sleep Foundation reveals that women are more likely than men to have trouble falling and staying asleep.

Sleep is crucial for total well-being, mental clarity, energy and professional success. Addressing sleep issues, whether it’s getting a CPAP machine for sleep apnea or practicing better sleep hygiene, is critical for women in business. Still don’t think it’s impacting your work? Here are a few ways poor sleep can destroy a budding female entrepreneur:

1. It causes “poor work function”

That’s an actual symptom doctors use to identify sleep apnea or just about any disturbance of sleep on a regular basis. Simply put, you can’t do your best work if you’re always tired. You need high quality sleep to recharge and re-boot your brain. If you don’t get it, the rest of your life will suffer starting with your work and relationships.

2. It causes lackluster memory retention

Can’t remember if you already sent that client an invoice or if you’re meeting with John S. or John A. for dinner? A bad memory isn’t just annoying, but can also cause huge work blunders. It’s also a side effect of bad sleep that can instantly be improved once you address sleep issues.

3. It makes you irritable

Nobody wants to work with or for someone who’s always cranky, and as women it’s even worse: You might have your irritability blamed on those “female hormones” or being more emotional than men. The reality is that irritability is a symptom of poor sleep no matter what your gender, but it can also lead to gender stereotyping if you’re a business owner.

4. It causes poor attention spans

You need to be on your game as an entrepreneur, which means you need the clarity to power through that hours-long seminar that’s vital to your industry. Without good sleep, your attention will go elsewhere and you won’t soak up everything necessary.

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