4 Ways to Combat Writer’s Block for Content Marketing

Social media is more on generating content and not just lurking around social media websites all day. It is about reading a lot, writing a lot and making sure you make friends in the industry along the way. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Content generating takes a lot of brain cells in order to come up with quality articles or blog posts. While writing is easy for those who have the skills for it, curating content and planning what to write about is the hardest thing to do.

For writers, they are usually hit with “the moment” when they are suddenly hit by the urge to write. It may be a spark, a sudden realization that makes you want to grab the nearest writable surface and pen down your thoughts, or it may be something that you have been planning to write or blog about for a while. But sometimes in the middle of sporadic writing, one experiences writer’s block that may have been the cause of fatigue, no interest in all read articles at all, or perhaps there is any reason for it.

Here are three ways to combat writer’s block:

1. Scour the web, news feeds, and blogs. Oftentimes, I look for content that is related to my industry or topic of choice. I read a lot hoping to come up with ideas for topics to write about. Scanning my newsfeeds, reading off from blogs and joining in on discussions or reading through them helps me think of creative ways to make blog posts or articles out of.

2. Write about what you know. When day in and day out you write about the same topic, one can experience burn out. What I do is I take a break from my niche and write loosely about what I know. Writing is easier when you just let it flow from your heart and then everything will fall into place from then on.

3. Create a poll and write about the results. For social media managers, this can easily be done on social networks such as Facebook. It not only gives you something evidence-based to write about but it also helps you create engagement between your Facebook and your followers.

4. Know when you write better—morning, noon or night. For some writers, they write better certain times of the day. For example, I observed that I write better in the morning post breakfast and coffee. I write the worst when I lack sleep and hungry (I’m pretty sure all of us are like that!). The thing is, write during the time when your mind is the most active or write your ideas in a notebook you always carry so that when you have fleeting moments when ideas hit you, you can save those thoughts and write about them later.

In short, it is all about finding ways to start motivating yourself and finding ideas to write about. Writer’s block may be debilitating for a blogger, content marketing specialist or social media manager but with the vast number of resources these days all thanks to the Internet, a lot of remedies are available.

What have you done to combat writer’s block? Share your ideas by commenting below.



Gail Monique Mallo is a Social Media Manager for a tech startup based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She is passionate in women empowerment, health campaigns, social media, tech and writing.

She writes on the corporate blog and on her personal one .


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