4 Ways Yoga Will Help Your Marketing Strategy

OK, actually doing yoga may not help your marketing strategy, but here are four elements of yoga that you can implement to improve your small-business marketing efforts.

Four Ways Yoga Will Help Your Marketing Strategy

1. Practice– Why do people “practice” yoga? They call themselves “practitioners” realizing that you’re always growing and that there is always room for growth means that you won’t let your material get stale. Commit to practicing marketing – by making sure you’re setting up A/ B Testing and making small changes and slight adjustments when you see ebbs and flows in customer interaction.

2. Flexibility – Small business owners in particular require an enormous amount of flexibility. What amount you ask? Whatever the metaphoric equivalent of the splits is, I suppose. The world of technology is constantly changing, so it pays to read news articles and blogs that give insight into emerging trends. Speaking of flexibility, the one thing above all that improves your flexibility is…

3. Patience – In our fast-paced world, patience is important. Be patient and observe, you just may notice things you may not otherwise have noticed. Sometimes things that count take time: testing takes time. Results take time. Building a brand takes time, and most importantly building relationships and client trust take time!

4. Set an intention – just like at the beginning of yoga practice, when you’re starting to put together your social media presence, you need to think about your intention, which is simply hippie-speak for “strategy”. Setting up a marketing strategy will keep you focused on your goals. Good strategies can withstand change; just make sure to check in with yourself to make sure that you’re staying true to your brand.

Jacki Van Meter is the founder of Root & Branch Marketing, a Social Media Marketing company. Find Jacki blogging, tweeting and posting about all things tech, with a little bit of outdoorsy lifestyle stuff mixed in.


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