48 Minutes “Go All Out!”

48 Minutes "Go All Out!"
It was the last game to be played in the NBA Championship. The last 48 minutes would mean the difference between being a champion and being amongst the champions.

When commentators asked NBA player LeBron James, “What were you thinking going into game 7?” he indicated that he had “48 minutes to go all out.” Each team had been conditioning and training for the upcoming last 48. The Spurs were veteran players that had wisdom based on experience. The Heat had youth and stamina beyond recognition. But, they each had a desire to win. Was there a motivating factor that pushed one team and not the other to obtain the championship? According to LeBron’s response to the commentators I believe it was the “Go All Out!” factor.

Having a desire for something is good, but in order to be great you have to make a decision. Decisions that go beyond your feelings can produce a positive outcome. The Miami Heat basketball team demonstrated that champions don’t perform according to how they feel. Dewayne Wade and many other team members were playing the game with substantial injuries.

Have you been injured (i.e., physically, emotionally, financially ect.) continue to perform despite your feelings? Understanding that after the game is over you can nurse your wombs. But, while in the game your focus should be “I only have 48 minutes and I have to “Go All Out.” What are you going to do with the last 48 minutes?

Practical Tips Based on Champions:
1. Study your game.
2. Study the opponent’s game.
3. Practice and sharpen your game skills.
4. Have a resolve to go beyond your feelings.
5. Know that God is with you.
6. Make a sound decision to “Go All Out!”

Letatia Long is the founder of Time of Refreshing Ministries ) providing coaching for those desiring to move from point A to point B. Letatia enjoys writing, Zumba, and traveling.



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