5 Awesome Tips to Manage Your Career in 2014


For years, working at a company for more than 10 years was a pleasing attribute to have and this trait was looked at as a positive.  Now women, are taking control of the workplace, we’re dictating the skills we get and we’re much more vocal.

But for those of us out there that are still living in fear or not sure how to work in a company that has so many restrictions for creativity, I want you to develop a mindset of YOU, Inc.  You develop you.  Here are 5 tips to help you manage your career better for 2014:

    • Focus on your skills and your skills only.  Take control of what you learn and be open to working on new projects.  Just think about it, the more you can add to your resume as a competency.
    • Relocating Your Career.  Are open to geographical possibilities? Would you take your skills into a new industry? Take your career (and family) to a new place you’ve never seen before or a place you’ve visited and always wanted to live.
    • Conquer burnout by learning something brand new that is unrelated to your industry.  Many professionals do not do this and it’s messing up their mental focus because all of their energy is focused on work.  Sing with a band, take some acting courses, take up photography, sell things on Ebay, do something that doesn’t consist of work.
    • Get a powerhouse chick to mentor you!  I don’t care if it’s a Life Coach, Success Coach, or the VP of a local company.  Get someone to hold you accountable to everything you want and affirmed that you would do. Make 2014 about accomplishing and manifesting.
    • Talk to your boss about the next phase of your career.  Do you want an increase? Do you desire more responsibilities? If your boss is not giving you what you need professionally to grow, then you may need to go elsewhere!  And guess what, there’s nothing wrong with that!!

Even if you’re not ready or able to jump into entrepreneurship, you can make your career work just for you.  Destiny is calling your name!

Jai Turner is a Career and Life Strategist for women. She helps women with their professional and spiritual purpose. She’s the founder of the career and life management company, O.S. Career & Life Solutions. You can visit Her Website for more information, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  She loves spending time with her family, reading, and fashion.


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