5 Backlink Checking Tools For Your Business


What are backlinks? See how these software options can help your site.



Businesses have to have a website. In today’s digital and multimedia world, a website is just as important than a business card and resume. Because of this, many small businesses and freelancers are starting to construct their own sites. Yet, these sites often fall extremely sort of the mark as the builder does not incorporate the necessary tools to ensure maximum SEO. According to Just Internet Solutions, backlinks are one of these fundamental and critical tools.


What are backlinks?


Backlinks tell search engines that your site exists. Depending on what platform your site has been built upon, they may also be referred to as inbound links or trackbacks (if you are using WordPress). There are several different types of backlinks. Yet, the most common forms are called ANCOR TEXT. Anchor text is text that is hyperlinked. This text works as an identifier to search engines so that they know what your site is about.


Now that you have some backlinks how can you check the backlinks of your site to ensure you are at the peak SEO possible for your site? Here are 5 tools which can help: LinkOkay,

BackLinkWatch, Ahrefs.com, Majestic.com, and Google Webmaster.com



BackLinkWatch is online free software that allows you to check the back links which are already present in your site. If you have backlinks then the site will show you which links are present. If your site does not have backlinks, you will be given the option to purchase different packages of backlinks to help with your sites SEO. Keep in mind that buying backlinks does not guarantee that you will have enough SEO to get to the top ratings, but it is a start.




Ahref is another great online option for analytics and backlink checking. The site offers the potential user to check a site for free before signing up. You type in the domain and then are presented with four categories (URL Rating, Domain Rating, Backlinks, and Referring Domains). From here you can track your backlinks, broken backlinks, and find exactly which sites are backlinking to your site.


Google Search Console


Google Search Console is a bit primitive when it comes to showing you backlinks, but if you already have meta code installed on your website it is worth checking out the backlink information that is provided. Google backlinks checker (links pointing to yor website) is found within the ‘Search Traffic’ menu when you first login to Google Search Console.


If you are using Google Search Console, I would recommend that you do not use the out of the box features for checking backlinks.


Majestic SEO (majestic.com)


If you want a detailed backlink report, than majestic.com may be the solution. The site allows you to see the history of your backlinks up to 5 years. You can also get a daily status for your backlink history. Like most of the tools that allow for backlink information, you can view your referring domains, referring IPs, and external backlinks.


What is extremely helpful in the backlinks report given by Majestic SEO is that you get a visual chart of your backlinks breaking down what is being referenced. For example: Frames, images, texlinks, and redirects are listed on one chart. Anchor text is shown on another. You can also see which links are follow or no-follow quickly as well as which backlinks are live at the last crawl.




If you are just looking for data about your backlinks without all the sophistication of SEO software and analytics, onlineBLT can provide you with some quick data concerning your site. Unlike most of the other sites the information is given in a very to the point manner.


Use what works best


There are literally thousands of free backlink checking sites which you can use to ensure that the SEO of your site is where it should be. Most of these sites are free and I would advise against spending a dime on backlink checkers unless you have a large business which needs extremely detailed reports.


What if I don’t have any backlinks reported?


If you do not have any backlinks reported then you need to get busy with creating some. This can be done by creating a blog which has hyperlinked text or images to your site. Creating a vlog on another site which references your page is another great way to do this. The more sites which you have linking back to your site the better the ratings of that site will be. Keep in mind that if you are using a social site such as YouTube or Google+ then you will need to have your site linked within the comment or posts for the search engine to identify it. Be careful, some sites will mark you as spam if you go overboard.


Do you think that your site is backlinked properly? Visit one of the sites mentioned and find out how you stand against the crawler.

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