5 Benefits of Moving Your Bookkeeping to the Cloud

cloud-based bookkeeping

Slowly but surely, an increased amount of businesses are taking their bookkeeping to the cloud. Not ready to make the move? Have you ever paid a bill online or used online banking? Your data is already in the cloud!

Below we discuss 5 benefits of moving your business bookkeeping to the cloud.

1. No more data files

You no longer have to mess with exchanging data files back and forth between your bookkeeper and CPA. For those of you that have been using a desktop bookkeeping solution for some time, you know how frustrating this can be.

2. Everyone can look at the same data at the same time.

This is one of the biggest benefits that comes with using a cloud-based bookkeeping solution. Gone are the days where you need to coordinate with your bookkeeper or CPA a good time for them to remote into your desktop file. It is also easier to discuss your bookkeeping with your bookkeeper or CPA over the phone; you both can be looking at the same data at the same time. This can be hugely beneficial, cost effective, and time saving.

3. Immediate access to real time data.

Utilizing a cloud-based solution enables you to have anywhere, anytime access to your financial data. Generally, most cloud-based accounting solutions have the ability to work on your mobile devices, including tablets. You are also able to instantly see any changes or updates that your bookkeeper makes to your data, giving you the ability to make better informed business decisions on the spot.

4. Automatic backup of your data.

You no longer have to worry about manually backing up your data or setting reminders within your desktop software to complete this task for you. With cloud-based accounting solutions, your data is backed up automatically, all the time.

5. Moving your data from desktop to the cloud is easier than you think.

Cloud-based accounting solutions like QuickBooks Online and Xero, make the transition from desktop to online easy enough that you, your bookkeeper, or CPA, could accomplish the task in minimal time.

What are your hesitations in moving your bookkeeping to the cloud? Are there any benefits we missed?

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