5 Benefits of Using Email Marketing

email marketing
1. Increase Your Bottom Line

Email marketing can quickly and easily increase your bottom line. For pennies, you can write an email and send it out in a few short minutes. Not only does it take little time, but also the return on investment can be very high.

Are you launching a new product? Are you having a sale or special offer? You can use email to send your list the details of your “specials”. Within the body of the email you can direct them to your website, sales or special offers page for a quick and easy purchase.

$57.25 was generated for every $1 spent on email marketing in 2005, outperforming all other types of direct marketing. Source: Direct Marketing Association

Email marketing campaigns can be automated. Just schedule time-sensitive messages like special offers or product releases in your email system and spend your valuable time on your passion.

2. Establish Relationships

By sending personalized email to subscribers, you show them that you’re a real, live person with their concerns and interests in mind.

Remember, effective communication consists of:

    • Value
    • Trust
    • Time
    • Repeated Contact (within reason)

Send information that shows your subscribers that you can solve their problems and are listening to their concerns and issues. Establish value from the first moment someone joins your list through an email series that welcomes and engages them. You want to gain their trust and become known as an “expert” in your field of passion.

3. Reduce Overhead Costs

Don’t be afraid of email marketing! To run an effective email campaign, you don’t need to hire a copywriter or virtual assistant. Just focus on writing messages that provide value or solve a problem or issue for your ideal client. When drafting the message remember to write it as if you were speaking to one person versus an audience. This will keep the message conversational and to the point.

Discuss questions, news in the industry, and the unique selling points of your products consistently with your customers. Just put it into an email!

4. Track Sales & User Engagement

Need to figure out what’s successful and what’s not? You can easily see how many people opened an email, how many clicked on a specific link within the email and if the email even arrived in their Inbox. Combine this with a your ability to track sales back to a source; you can identify customer engagement and response through an entire cycle with clear, easy to understand metrics.

5. Segment Lists

Segment your lists to allow you to send extremely targeted marketing campaigns that result in increased sales conversions because they are very specific. For example, if you sell flowers you can segment your list by the type of flowers or arrangement they purchase. You could have a list called “Roses” or “Mother’s Day”. Then when you have a special promotion on roses you can send a targeted email to those that have purchased roses in the past.

This also helps you speak directly to a specific audience. For instance, you may speak differently to your client’s vs. or leads that have not purchased anything from you. Segmenting your lists is a great way to keep your contacts organized.

Please share your thoughts, feedbacks and recommendations.  I always appreciate it.


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