5 Communication Shifts You Need to Accommodate In 2019

Communication has continued to evolve over the last century, with new methods constantly being developed and old ones getting incredible upgrades. From email to smartphones, conference calling to video chatting, the ways in which we communicate are numerous and diverse. As things change, so must we, and so here is a list of five communication shifts you need to accommodate in 2019.

1. The Advancement of Cloud-Based Sharing

Cloud storage and sharing has come a long way from its humble beginnings. With minor storage space and minimal sharing tools, the first cloud sharing services were rudimentary at best but provided a bold new concept to communication: the ability to share without the need for hardware.

Cloud sharing has since evolved into a powerhouse in its own right. Many businesses have made the switch to digital storage and sharing, for the easy to use sharing tools and endless digital storage space.

If your business hasn’t made the switch to cloud storage, there’s never been a better time to do so. You can get free storage space up to 15GB with Google Drive, or choose a paid option from one of the many providers for even more space. The options are limitless, and you can store anything you’d normally store on a hard drive in the cloud.

2. The Slow Death of The Landline

The first basic phone was invented in 1849, with the first US patent for the device secured by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Since then, the telephone has become the number one way in which humans communicate.

The landline has been the staple of homes and businesses for decades, but with the introduction and evolution of the cell phone, many homes no longer sport that bulky relic of antiquity.

Landlines still play a role in businesses. A dedicated landline provides a secure and high-quality calling experience, but as with all things, the landline’s time is slowly running out. With online calling services, virtual phone numbers, and more, the slow death of the landline is all but certain.

If you’re still using a landline for your business, you may want to consider other options to prepare for the future. Landlines are sure to become an item of memory in the near future, and you won’t want to be left behind when they’re gone.

3. The Rise of Web-Based Calling Services

Don’t have a dedicated landline? No problem! Your computer with an internet connection is the only tool you need to make high-quality phone calls from your office or home. There are hundreds of web-based calling services available.

Web-based calling services are simple. You can place a call via the internet, using your computer’s microphone and speakers instead of a handheld telephone. Many of these services are free, but there are certain services that offer lots of extras for their premium plans.

These services are especially useful for setting up conference calls.  Now you can communicate with remote team members without the worry of long distance or even international calling fees from a traditional landline.

But wait, it doesn’t end there. Many services include video chatting for when you need a more “in-person” feel to your calls, and some even include cloud storage and screen sharing software. Why pay for a landline when you can get high-quality calls and these great extras with conference calling services?

4. Online Presence Is Everything

Let’s rewind to the year 2004. An obscure social media site was founded that year, with the odd name of “Facemash”. Can you guess which site it is? Facebook has since evolved into not only the number one social media site in the world but also a powerhouse for marketing and business relationships.

Never before have so many people (or customers, from a business point of view) been so connected. This makes an online presence for any business an absolute necessity. A social media presence not only puts you on the forefront of the most socially active hubs of the internet but also right in the eyes of potential paying customers.

Many businesses deal exclusively in online interaction. Some don’t even have a dedicated phone number for customer support but rely solely on their online pages to interact with customers.

A great website is also a necessity for any business. Your website acts as the central hub for your brand and should contain information on your business, what you sell of the services you provide, and links to your various social networking pages.

Don’t underestimate the power of your online presence. It’s an excellent way to generate new customers and spread information quickly and efficiently.

5. Text Messaging Has Become The New Standard

Have you ever noticed that most people use a phone to text or email, and few seem to be interested in phone calls or face to face conversation? Text messaging may have made communication easier by providing endless communication at the touch of a button, but it’s also changing the way we interact.

This goes for businesses as well. Many businesses have created a text line for customer support and other aspects of the company, simply because their customers prefer to text or communicate in another digital medium rather than via phone call or an in-person visit.

Like it or not, texting is here to stay. If your company doesn’t have a dedicated text line, now may be the best time to adopt one, as texting becomes the standard of communication throughout the modern world.


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