5 Crucial Work Habits for Startups


This is not some lecture class though, but for clarity, I’d like to briefly define what “work”, “habits” and “good work habits” are.

Your work is anything that commands your daily attention, that thing that makes you who you are; a doctor, an engineer, etc.

As entrepreneurs, we can say that our business is our work, since it mostly commands our daily attention and makes us who we are. Yes, my work makes me who I am, a freelance writer! That’s my work! That’s my business! That’s me!

Habits are those behaviours you have almost no control over, stuff you do without having to contemplate about it.

Good work habits refer to those behaviours that make you get things done with your hands, heart and effort without being SLUGGISH about it. Punctuality, reliability, attention to details, etc are examples of work habits you should possess; but we entrepreneurs already know that, don’t we?

Articles, write-ups, etc that would enlighten us on the good work habits we should always practice have become trendy, but you’d agree with me that when you don’t know what you’d gain from practising these habits, you tend to practice them shabbily.

Hence, here are 5 crucial benefits you get when you make use of these habits:

1. Getting the attention of clients

Nothing brings you closer to the attention of your clients than being a dependable worker. They tend to keep patronizing you because you constantly have what they want, when they want it!

But you can only become a dependable worker when you practice these habits, because all the good work habits you practise are going to reflect in your productivity, and help you satisfy clients. That makes you dependable!

When clients begin to notice that you are dependable, they tend to tell others about you; “oh, when it comes to website designing, that guy is an expert!”

But what happens when they begin to add “butsto your expertise; oh, when it comes to website designing, that guy is an expert; but it’s just that he delays delivery. Yes, you really are an expert; yet, the “butcould be enough to disqualify you from getting some customers.

22.   Good work habits cripples procrastination

Good work habits make you do what needs to be done at the time it has to be done. There’s virtually no other means to getting rid of procrastination other than practicing these habits.

Procrastination is mostly caused by laziness, and laziness can be cured with good work habits. So if you’ve being struggling with laziness all this time and you wish to get rid of it, start applying these habits; in good time, you’ll discover that it’s all gone!

 3. Helps you actualize your goals

Good work habits help you make sure that your goals become actualized.

When you have things you want to accomplish and you employ these habits, you’d find it easier to have everything done.

44. You derive fulfillment

Good work habits give you a spirit of fulfillment as you practice them.

I realised overtime that whenever I exercise these work habits, I always put myself in an atmosphere of fulfilment, I’d have that spirit that would drive me to do ALL I CAN to make things work out, and it’s in this kind of atmosphere that I become productive the most in my career.

55.   Good work habits gives you dignity

The end result is that you get more productive, which would reflect in your product(s), as a result, you begin to get the attention of your clients and even other prospective clients. That gives you dignity!

This is a guest post by Victor Ijidola (@veeblogs), a freelance writer and blogger, who blogs at Veeblogs.net, a blog designed to motivate and tutor startups who demand not only success, but also good success in what they do.


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