5 Easter Craft Ideas

Kids and crafts go together like peas and carrots. Many kids love to make things with their hands. It not only keeps them busy but also gets their imaginations working. Holidays are a great time to bring out that creativity because there are so many projects out there to do. When it comes to Easter, bunnies and eggs take center stage. Check out these Easter craft ideas to keep those little hands busy.

Easter Craft Ideas: Foil Egg Wreath

Easter Craft Ideas
Courtesy: Hershey.com


This is one that’s on my list for this year. It involves chocolate and eggs. You can’t go wrong! This one will need some parental help, but it’s fun, easy and worth it. You’ll need five bags of Hershey’s foil covered eggs, foam wreath, some ribbon, and glue sticks or a glue gun. After you cover the wreath with ribbons, it’s time to get gluing with the chocolate eggs. When you’re all done you have a beautiful decoration that kids can say they made!

Easter Craft Ideas: Bunny Ears

Add this to the list of Easter craft ideas. It’s another easy to do craft. You just need some felt, a scissors, glue and a hand band. In a matter of minutes your child will be hopping along.

Easter Craft Ideas: Egg People

Easter Craft Ideas

While a basket full of colored Easter eggs looks pretty, it can be useless. Why not turn some of those eggs into little people? Your kids will surely get a kick out of this! You just need some yarn, googly eyes, and glue. Your child can create any kind of egg person. This will really get their creative juices flowing.

Easter Craft Ideas: Bunny Masks

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to wear a mask. Kids can make a bunch of different bunny masks for Easter. When it comes to Easter craft ideas, many of these require simple things like paper plates and paint. If your child wants to get fancy you can buy some glitter to go along with the project. The masks can be as simple or intricate as your child’s imagination (and your craft supplies) allow.

Easter Craft Ideas: Popcorn Lamb


Here’s another easy one the kids are sure to love. Construction paper, glue, ribbon, and popcorn are all that you’ll need for this one. Once you get the lamb cut out and made it’s time to glue the popcorn on. If you don’t want to use popcorn, you can always substitute cotton balls.

These Easter craft ideas are fun and family friendly. They’re also good if your child has friends over and you want to have a fun activity for them to do. Pick out your favorite and hop to it!


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