5 Executive Coaching Tips to Achieve your Career Goals

5 Executive Coaching Tips to Achieve your Goals
5 Executive Coaching Tips to Achieve your Goals

5 Executive Coaching Tips to Achieve your Career Goals

In the best case scenario, we will be surrounded by loving friends and family who will cheer us on and give us props for working on our goals, challenging ourselves, or going after a dream.

But every now and again, the best case scenario doesn’t present itself. We find ourselves seemingly alone on a road we’ve taken towards a goal.  

Let’s say you’ve been thinking about this “thing” you really want to do, and you finally found the courage to talk about it with folks you love and trust.

Perhaps you want to leave that job.  Yep, the one that’s been providing the steady paycheck for years, but it’s also been making you miserable at the same time.

Or maybe you have this kick ass idea of a project at work, but it’s new and it’s never been tried before.

Or you want to throw off the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbor, become a farmer; or move to Africa to do honest-to-goodness volunteer work; or run a bed and breakfast somewhere in the country.

Problem is no one is supporting you or your wonderful idea.  

People you know and love are either raising their eyebrows or are altogether ignoring what you’re saying.  It’s like you dropped your mother’s china in the middle of the room, and everybody just went about their ways without even as much as an “Oh, geez”.

They may be thinking you’ve gone mad and are just being polite about it.  

Or they don’t understand why you want to make all these changes. 

Maybe they don’t believe it because you’ve tried this before (i.e., declared you want to do something) but it all just fizzled out.

Whatever their reasoning may be, who cares?  This isn’t about them.

This is about you and what you’re going to do if this were happening to you.

You can just abandon the idea altogether.  It’s perfectly understandable.  It’s hard enough to make changes, can you imagine going through it without someone on your side?

But if you are not inclined to give up that easily, perhaps try these 5 executive coaching tips first:


1. Visualize it.


Imagine what your life would be like if you did what you wanted to do.  Make sure you include the good and the bad.  How does it feel to live “that life”?   Doing this will help make sure that you’ve thought this through.


2.  Make a plan.


Not a 300 page project plan or some such nonsense.  Sometimes we only need the first few steps.  It’s like driving in the fog and all you need is as far as the headlights will allow you to see.  As long as you have an idea about your desired destination (hence, step #1), the first few hundred feet is all you need for now.


3.  Figure out what you’re afraid of. 


Ask yourself the question and wait for the answer.  Don’t give in to excuses.  If you’re coming up with a laundry list, keep asking until you get to the main thing (or 2) that’s scaring the pants off you.  We’re not going to attempt to get rid of the fear – that may actually require professional help.  This is about understanding what might be stopping you from moving forward.  If whatever it is you’re afraid of were to happen, what would be the worst thing?


4.  Find your support system. 

Okay, okay, you’re rolling your eyes.  I know you’re saying “But this whole article is all about me not having any support, now you’re telling me to find a support system?!?”   Support doesn’t have to come from family and friends.  They can come from books, or blogs, or your priest (rabbi, pastor, counselor, therapist), or strangers even.  

We all need support.  No one can do it alone. And if you’re not getting it from ‘your people’… well then, find it elsewhere.  There are lots of resources out there.  There are support groups for just about anything.  Trust me on this, you are not alone.

And if you’ve gone this far, here’s the last one:

5. Take the first step. 

Don’t worry about the rest for now.  Just take the first step.  See how you feel after.  The rest will come.  You’ll find resources you didn’t consider before you took the first step. 

It’s hard, doing something no one seems to approve of, or being alone in your ‘quest’, I know.  You feel like just crawling back to bed, or doing the “same old same old”.

Someone wise once said that everything worth having is worth fighting for.  Go after what you want.  Or at least try.  Whatever you do, don’t back down just because you think no one’s supporting you.

Lou Blaser explores and writes about rediscovering and reinventing ourselves, in pursuit of a full and balanced life.  Please visit her at www.workxycodone.com.  


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