Top 5 Best Fashion for Summer

Top 5 Best Fashion for Summer

Beyond a great sundress and some linen there are at least five items that are essential to get through the summer in comfort without sacrificing style. The keep you looking pulled together and, importantly, comfortable in a variety of climates and circumstances. I suffered through far too many icy cold offices and airplanes,  sweltering city streets, and shuffled along on achy, swollen feet through the years without these trusty items in my arsenal. Those days are behind me and now behind you! Top 5 Best Fashion for Summer are here.

1. A gorgeous light wrap or large scarf. Even if you live in some of the hottest parts of the country air-conditioning cranked up to high for hours on end doesn’t match well with bare arms or legs. Nights can also get chilly. There are tons of options for great summer weight wraps out there: silk-cashmere blends, float on air silk, cotton with tassels. Just a bit of warmth at your neck can cut the chill while remaining stylish and less of a style anachronism than toting around a large sweater in the middle of summer.   Adding some flare and being prepared for extreme indoor outdoor temperature swings is smart.

2. At least one pair of cute, kicky flip-flops. In the summer heat your feet will swell at the end of the day. The great strappy sandals that totally fit at the beginning of the day aTop 5 Best Fashion for Summernd worked well all day in a cool office will start to get tighter towards the end of the day even if you are mostly desk bound. Things get considerably worse when you go outside to make your way home. Why risk the discomfort and blisters when you can slip on a cute pair of flip flops for just such an occasion? You’ll look stylish and your blister free feet will thank you.

3. White pants. Sundresses are great but not always practical, sometimes its good to get a summery look  in trousers.  White pants seems to scream summer no matter what the cut. Whether they are capri’s, skinny, or long with a bit of flare that pair well with wedges, white trousers looks crisp and pair so nicely with the bright summer hues.

Top 5 Best Fashion for SummerIts worth pointing out when you go down the white pants path you need to take some precautions with your undergarments. Are your pants provide 100% opaque? Think twice about colorful or patterned undies. Pick undies that will make you look good. If those undies are your favorites you may want to think  about adding some extra protection. While you are stepping out in your crisp white trousers its important to feel confident on every level, that includes finding feminine care you can count on like with products like U by Kotex with 3D capture core. You can join their campaign to save the undies and get some free samples to try and protect your own.


Top 5 Best Fashion for Summer4. Tunics. Embellished, plain, colorful prints the variety is endless. They are forgiving when you aren’t feeling slimmest, yet also airy and stylish. They are easily a wardrobe staple since they can be super versatile coverups at the beach or out to brunch or even at a pool-side cocktail party. You’ll look pulled together but also  feel like you are wearing a pajama top.

5. Kaftans and Kurtas are not just bathing suit coverups. While they are comfortable and incredibly forgiving they can still be stylish and feminine. Long and flowing they can have empire waits, fitted waists, or almost no waits making them insanely comfortable. However with slits, fitted arms or a lovely neckline there is mostTop 5 Best Fashion for Summer certainly a style that plays to one of your assets while skimming over others. Embroidery, embellishments or pretty colors take them to the next level.   How is it possible I spent time slouching around in overalls (yikes!) in my 20’s when a kaftan and flip-flops would have been just as comfortable for a recovery brunch after a late night out and would have been 100x more flattering.

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