5 Free Sales Tools That Might Help You Land More Clients


iStock-Unfinished-Business-6Sales tools are the lifeline of most small to medium sized businesses; in this day and age it is possible for business owners to choose from a wide array of sales tools that can propel their businesses to new heights. Most of these sales tools offer businesses the opportunity to either use the tools for free for a limited time under certain restrictions. If the tool appeals to you then you can purchase a subscription. However, the number of such tools has ballooned over the past few years, which often makes it tough for business owners to choose the right one.

5 Free Sales Tools That Might Help You Land More Clients




Interactions are a main component of running a business. When the interactions become overwhelming, it can be hard to keep track of them, which could mean lost revenue. This can be prevented with a sales tool like Streak; which provides a CRM that is not only compatible with Gmail but also helps in tracking all the interactions that are conducted with various clients.


The most important thing to point out about Streak is that as a business owner, you can see the e-mail exchanges with a potential client in one place, making it is possible to be aware of all the factors affecting the deal at any given time. Streak can be installed onto Gmail directly from the official website of the company and the best thing about the whole service is that it is completely free. Plenty of business owners have been able to expand their client base by using this program.




E-mail marketing is another huge part of the sales component of any organization, big or small; in order to ensure that the whole campaign is managed smoothly, entrepreneurs need to a have access to a proven e-mail marketing tool. In that regard, Mailchimp has proven to be one of the most popular e-mail marketing tools for many businesses. With this tool a business owner can send up to 12,000 e-mails to prospective clients for free every month. Beyond that threshold, the subscriber needs to pay a fee.


However, Mailchimp offers plenty of added features that make it one of the best of its kind in the industry. Users are provided with regular reports on how many of the e-mails sent every day are being read by the potential client. This can be used to gauge whether the marketing campaign is working or not. Mailchimp also sends customized salutations in every e-mail; this ensures that the e-mail does not give the impression that it part of a mass e-mailing operation.




Conference calls are a big part of most businesses. The cost of making those calls can be quite steep for business owners, which is why opting for UberConference is perhaps the best possible option for those who wish to speak to multiple clients or people within the organization at one time. This service is free to use as long as the number of participants in a conference call does not exceed 10.


This tool contains a feature that allows the user to have a large amount of information on the people he is speaking with; you can even have access to the public social media activities of the caller if you desire. UberConference takes regular conference calling to the next level with its numerous features that include the ability to exchange important documents like a contract or an invoice with a client during the call. This tool makes sure that you have the option of closing deals during the call, taking it a step above the rest.




Merely a social media presence is not enough to land new clients since it is necessary for a business owner to know if an individual feels positively about the product he is offering. In order to analyze that, there are plenty of tools but NutshellMail has proven to be one of the most effective in the past few years; as an added bonus, it is a free service.


All social media activities of the company are analyzed by NutshellMail and the reports are sent to the concerned person every day, which can go a long way in finding prospective leads. It is possible for a person to build a large client base using NutshellMail if he is diligent enough in following up on all the leads.




Sales representatives often struggle to pitch their product to prospective clients due to a lack of information. Rapportive resolves to correct that problem with their service. As soon as an e-mail exchange commences with a lead, Rapportive provides the sales representative with highlights from the LinkedIn profile of the person concerned as well as social media information, if it is available. This can help the sales person be more informed and tailor the sales pitch to the person’s likes/dislikes.


Technology and its constant improvement have now made it perfectly possible for businesses with smaller budgets to have an outstanding marketing campaign that can help them in expanding their client base. E-mail marketing or conference calls are no longer an impediment to the growth of a business as it used to be in the past. These sales tools have made it possible for all entrepreneurs to dream big.


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