I am a firm believer in using audiobooks to multitask your way through mind-numbing chores like spring cleaning. Before I started a family, I was an avid reader. I could read before bed and for hours on the weekend. That time all seemed to vanish with the addition of a child. Most of my waking hours are now divided between work, childcare, errands and housework. There are slivers of time to myself, usually reserved for friends or a workout. Audiobooks have been the best (only?) way to keep my literary life alive during this hectic time. Audiobooks

Whether the chore is cleaning out a closet, doing loads of laundry, wrapping presents or even surviving a long road trip, there are many tasks that benefit from the distraction of a great audiobook. A great audiobook will have qualities that  keep you engaged when you might otherwise be distracted while you multitask. It is important to have a fast moving narrative, a top quality narrator or cast of narrators, and be somewhat lengthy (usually a better bargain). The following slideshow (scroll buttons above) contains 6 suggestions for great audiobooks  that are all worth a listen.


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