5 Great (Free) Social Media Tools

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereAs a business owner, managing social media can become extremely time consuming.  Especially when you have several different social networks to monitor and manage.  Thankfully, there are several great social media tools that cut down on the time and effort of managing your social media.


Here are 5 great social media tools that are easy to use and have a free version.


  1.  Hootsuite –  is the most popular social media management tool for managing multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter from one dashboard. It is an essential tool for managing social media, tracking conversations and measuring campaign results. Hootsuite offers a free, pro and enterprise version for managing unlimited social profiles, enhanced analytics, Google Analytics and Facebook insights.
  2. Sprout Social – offers a single stream inbox to help you never miss a message, with tools to seamlessly post and schedule messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This platform also has monitoring tools and analytics to help you visualize important data.
  3. Social Oomph – is a neat web tool that provides a host of free and paid productivity enhancements for social media. It includes functions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your blog. There are a ton of useful Twitter features like scheduling tweets, tracking keywords, viewing mentions and retweets, Direct Message cleanup, auto-follow features for new followers. Social Oomph will auto-follow any new follower of yours on Twitter if you like, which could save you a ton of time if you like to reciprocate follows.
  4. Buffer App – is a smart and easy way to schedule posts across multiple social media networks. You can schedule your content and stagger the times throughout the day. This lets you keep a consistent schedule all week long without worrying about micro-managing the delivery times. It also provides analytics about user engagement and the reach of your posts.
  5. SocialBro – helps you learn how to target and engage with your Twitter audience. You can browse your community and identify key influencers,  the best time to tweet, track user engagement and analyze competitors. Socialbro analyzes timelines of your followers and generates a report showing you what the optimal time to tweet is that would reach the maximum amount of followers for more retweets and replies.

If you are not sure which one to use – give each one a try.  You need to find the one that works best for you and your business.  I use Hootsuite to manage my social media networks and love it – and I use the free version!


Thank you for taking time to read my blog.  Please leave me a comment if you found it of value!  I love to hear from you.




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