5 Great Stress Relieving Hobbies

Between work and kids and life in general, it’s hard not to get stressed out. It’s how you deal with all that stress that matters. If you don’t deal with stress effectively, it can cause some big problems down the road. One way to relieve stress is to find a hobby that relaxes you. If you’re not sure what to try, check out these 5 great stress relieving hobbies.

5 Great Stress Relieving Hobbies: Adult Coloring Books

great stress relieving hobbies

If you thought coloring was just for kids, think again. Adult coloring books are all the rage. Think about how peaceful kids are when they color. It makes sense that adults can also achieve that kind of Zen through coloring. Researchers say it’s the rhythmic repetition of coloring that adults find so soothing. There are coloring books with all types of themes, so you’re sure to find something you like.

5 Great Stress Relieving Hobbies: Knitting

great stress relieving hobbies

You may have never pictured yourself a knitter. But, if you’re looking for a way to let some stress out, it may be time to start stitching. If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of books and online tutorials to help you out. Studies show following patterns and being creative leads to calmness, making it one of the great stress relieving hobbies. If that wasn’t enough you’ll also produce some cute projects, some you may even be able to give as gifts.

5 Great Stress Relieving Hobbies: Doing Puzzles

great stress relieving hobbies

When was the last time you did a puzzle? If you have kids, the answer may be an hour ago! If there are no little ones around then it may be awhile since you did one. While you might think it can get nerve wracking to find the right pieces, the opposite is true. Researchers say you get a surge of serotonin when you find the pieces that fit. This in turn makes you feel good. When you feel good, you’re not feeling stressed!

5 Great Stress Relieving Hobbies: Scrapbooking

great stress relieving hobbies

When it comes to great stress relieving hobbies, scrapbooking is definetly on the list. Organizing and knowing things are in their place makes us feel relaxed. Also, looking back on old pictures and memories makes us feel happy. This helps to lower stress. Scrapbooking is also a great way to store pictures that may otherwise get lost.

5 Great Stress Relieving Hobbies: Gardening

great stress relieving hobbies

Gardening is not only of the great stress relieving hobbies, it’s also a nice way to get outside and enjoy nature. Gardening is also a physical hobby. So, you’ll be bending, reaching, digging and burning calories all at the same time. In the end, you have a visible product of your labors. The satisfaction of knowing you accomplished something is reason enough to smile.

These are just a few of the ways you can relieve stress. Find an area that interests you and explore it. You’ll thank yourself later!


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