5 Great Toys for Imaginary Play

Kids have very active imaginations. They can turn a simple box into a doll house or drum in a matter of minutes. That’s why finding toys that help stir their imagination even further are so important. Anything that keeps kids’ hands busy and minds turning is worth the money. Check out these 5 great toys for imaginary play.

Great Toys for Imaginary Play: Melissa & Doug Pizza Party

What kid doesn’t like pizza? What’s more fun than eating pizza? Making it of course! This wooden play set from Melissa & Doug lets your child add toppings to each piece. The pieces are attached to the pizza pan with velcro which makes it easy for them to “cut” each slice once it is cooked. We have this one in my house. I can honestly tell you my kids love it!

Great Toys for Imaginary Play: 6 Piece Dress Up Costume Set

If you have more than one child at home, this is a great investment. This set comes with six different costumes; chef, fireman, witch, nurse, clown, and superhero. Your kids can interchange them and pretend to be just about anything, making it one of the great toys for imaginary play. This is also a good toy to have around for when your child has friends come over. They will have hours of fun!



Great Toys for Imaginary Play:Durable Kids Tool Set, with Electronic Cordless Drill & 20 Pretend Play Construction Accessories, with a Sturdy Case,

What kid doesn’t like to be just like mom or dad and pretend to fix things around the house? This tool set comes with a pretend screwdriver, hammer, nails, bolts, and just about everything else a good handy person needs to get to work. Your child will feel super-useful after playing with this set.

Great Toys for Imaginary Play: ALEX Toys Chasing Butterflies Ceramic Tea Set

The whole family can get together for a tea party with this toy. Because it is breakable and looks like the real deal, it is recommended for children ages 8 and up. Kids will feel like they’re having a grown-up tea party even if it’s just with their dolls and other toys.


Great Toys for Imaginary Play: Toysmith Deluxe Knight in Shining Armor Set

When it comes to great toys for imaginary play, this set ranks right up there. Your child can be a knight in shining armor. Fully equipped with a sword and shield, they’ll be ready to guard the castle…otherwise known as your house!


Let your child’s imagination run wild with these toys. You can even join in the fun. Kids love when mom and dad play along.



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