5 Helpful Job Websites for New Grads



Going to college is a big step, but figuring out what to do after college is even more stressful. Between job searching, paying off student loans, and being thrust into the world of adulthood, graduation isn’t always the happiest time. When you’re looking for work after college, there are a variety of job websites available to choose from to get your name out there. From sites built just for uploading resumes to online job boards, these job websites are perfect for finding a career!


Job Websites – #1: LinkedIn.com


Perhaps the best website to jumpstart your career and start making business connections is LinkedIn. Unlike other job websites, LinkedIn doesn’t just put a resume online for people to see. It’s an interactive social media network that puts your skills and certifications right in the hands of the people who need them. Using LinkedIn, new grads can connect with professors, peers, and employers in the area they wish to work. These connections can lead to amazing career opportunities.


Job Websites – #2: Glassdoor.com


One of the highest growing job websites on the web is Glassdoor. Unlike LinkedIn or online job boards, Glassdoor is a mixture of both. Glassdoor allows users to upload resumes and cover letters for potential employers to see. Likewise, new jobs in your preferred field are categorized based on salary, experience, and location. Through Glassdoor, you can get a more direct connection to employers while applying for jobs without leaving the site!


Job Websites – #3: Indeed.com


Similar to Glassdoor, Indeed puts job applications right at your fingertips. Like other job websites, it categorizes potential jobs based on salary, location, and requirements. New grads can upload their resumes and cover letters to be considered for positions in their area. If you want to apply for multiple jobs at once, Indeed makes it easy to simply log-in, click, and apply. It also sends emails to your account reminding you of updates and new jobs that are in the area.


Job Websites – #4: Elance.com


Even though Elance isn’t one of the typical job websites, it can be a great way for new grads to start practicing their skills before entering the job market. Finding a job after graduation isn’t easy, and bills don’t stop coming. Elance can give you extra money in your pocket while using the skills you learned in school. Whether you’re a writer, programmer, marketer, business analyst, or an administrator, Elance connects you with clients looking for people in your field. This contract work can look great on a resume while you’re trying to build a professional following.


Job Websites – #5: Monster.com


Like other job websites, Monster allows users to upload resumes, portfolio work, and cover letters for employers to browse. However, Monster also has a variety of resources available for new grads. Resume builders, cover letter templates, and interviewing tips are all available with the click of the mouse. Monster also has finance calculators to categorize your expenses and salary and benefit information for each career. It’s the perfect place to cover all your job search bases.

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