5 Inexpensive Strategies to Make Big Profits in Your Small Business

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The ONLY way to grow your business is to invest in marketing.  The great news is marketing doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

I get it – MARKETING is an uncomfortable word for a lot of small business owners – self included. That was until I broke it all down into bite size pieces that were done on a shoestring budget.

I am going to share with the top 5 areas where you can invest with no money needed.

5 Do It Now Strategies

1. Prime real estate when it comes to marketing your business is your email signature

This is the space on your email underneath your signature.  Here is a million dollar tip – when you are writing this text be creative. Sure you want your links to social media and your website but you also want a dynamic headline that will make people (your IDEAL prospects) go ummmm..

Secret Tip: your blurb is a link back to a blog post – where a prominently displayed box says if you like this post and want more register here!


Carol Winters
Weight Loss Strategist
5 Diet Myths That Will Keep You Fat and Broke

2. Get ‘em talking about you

The sure-fire way to gain traction in your industry is to write..write and write – in the ideal places of course. You will need to determine your niche and what they read before you start writing.

A great free resource to get you exposure is HARO – Help A Reporter Out. You can register for a free account and 2 -3 times a day emails directly from reporters looking for stories on various topics will be emailed to you.  You decide what fits and WRITE ON! TIP: make sure you stay on point and write dynamic headlines that will grab your prospects attention.

3. Blogs aren’t just for filling space on your website

Blogs can be a huge source of conversion when done properly.  Here’s the scoop – you write a fabulous blog (that has a million dollar headline) that is loaded with transformational content for your ideal prospect and you integrate that with social media and you have a great opt-in! TIP: never send prospects to a registration page – they won’t like it and neither will search engines!

4. Being Social on Social Media

You sign in to Facebook or Twitter with good intentions but the reality is you find yourself swirling in a lot of wasted time because you don’t know what to post. The idea behind Facebook as a marketing tool is to let people see the real you. In today’s world people are much more savvy and are more cautious to spend. Your job on social media is to show up being real.

I’m not saying you never ask for a sale but before you can ask you have you build a rapport – build your brand and stay consistent.  If you are posting technical jargon one day and fluffy foo foo stuff the next day you will not only confuse your followers they will be less like to trust you. followers need continuity and they need real.  “Talk to your readers as if they were sitting in front of you.”


Morning World.. Who wants coffee?   Integrate this with great info!

This post gets A LOT of LIKES and more importantly comments!

I don’t sell coffee and most people will probably never share a cup in person with me but by me asking it makes them feel connected – like they are sitting at my kitchen table. I’ve build a very stable and consistently interactive following on Facebook and that translates to sales when I do properly post offers.

TIP: you should be posting every hour – I said posting NOT getting sucked in!

5. Create a dynamic elevator pitch

You know that moment where they go around the room and it’s your turn to stand up and talk for an ENTIRE 30 seconds about your business – well, that’s gold when you do it correctly.

Most people stumble and fumble or give canned presentations.  I have a formula that will help you write out exactly what needs to be said and how to say it.

Here it is for you:

Answer these questions and then use the answers to fill in the blanks


  1. Identify who needs you most
  2. What is their problem
  3. What benefits do you provide
  4. What results do they get
  5. Share what’s unique about you
  6. Call to action


I work with ____(1)_________ who are challenged/struggle with_______(2)______and really want to _______(3/4)_________. What makes what I do unique and creates success for my clients is___(5)______________________________And, because of this my clients ___________(4)_________________.  I know you can share the same success and if you’d like to learn more _______(6)________.


Please know you do not have to be a millionaire to start a business nor do you have to have all the answers but what you do need is the ability to get help when you need it.

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