5 Most Searched Places For Startup Business Ideas

Stuck in a brain rut with no ideas coming to you for a new startup? It’s OK if you feel it’s time to take the next step in your career by starting a business but yet it seems all ideas have taken flight of you.

It happens, even to the successful business owners. What you need is a jot of inspiration to get the wheels turning again. That’s what this article is about, providing you with startup business ideas that will get your juices flowing once again.

Alright without much ado let’s jump in right away!

4 Places to Look for Business Ideas

There is times when what you need to get started on the perfect niche is just looking in the right places. Now these carefully curated places, we’re sure will stimulate and plant the idea for your next venture:

Online Consumer Trend Publications

This is a great place to get a better sense of what’s trending and hot in the market. It allows you to monitor consumer behaviors, what other entrepreneurs are doing and the general direction of consumer products. You’re even likely to stumble on product categories you’ve never thought of and introduce you to new industries you didn’t know about.

Product and Trend Discovery Review Sites

Using sites like Uncrate and Outblush you get to see new, trending and exciting products other entrepreneurs are introducing to the market and these will surely provide you with some ideas of your own for your business.

Online Consumer Marketplaces

Sites like Amazon – largest internet retailer, Ebay – largest consumer auctioning site, Kickstarter – Largest crowdfunding site, Esty – a popular online marketplace for handmade products, etc. could provide you with millions of product ideas that has been proven and people are actually buying.

Search Instagram

Plenty businesses showcase their best-selling products here – so you see, Instagram can be repurposed to be a medium for your next business idea. Search through the pictures and videos using the right hashtags for an idea of what other businesses are offering.

5 Start-up Business Niches you can go into

Now, you know where to search for business ideas, however, to ease your search here’re some startup ideas you can consider:


Phone Case Start-up idea

According to a report by future marketing insights, “the phone case niche accounts for 20.5% of the $121.72 billion phone accessory industry” making this one of the hottest niche to venture into.

Power Bank start-up idea

The demand for this product will keep rising as more and more people access the internet through their mobile devices. The power bank allows people who might not be close to electric sockets to still keep their devices on.

Smart watches Start-up idea

With the increasing popularity of wearables  whether it’s for tracking your steps during workout sessions, or for planning your day – these product has been gaining quite a following that starting a store dedicated to it is sure to pay off in the long term.

Wireless Earphones

Remember Dr.Dre headphones? With advancement in technology and cutting-edge innovation wireless headphones has seen a rise in popularity. This is one hi-tech device whose demand will keep rising as more and more people adopt mobile devices as the preferred device for accessing the internet. So you’ve got yourself a gold mine here.

How has your journey starting a business being like? Did you found it difficult coming up with business ideas? Share your thoughts with us.

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