5 Old Wives Tales to Predict Your Baby’s Gender

boy or girlVery few couples these days decide not to find out the gender of their unborn baby. Prior to the modern technology of ultrasound, the gender of the baby was always a surprise until delivery day. It was anyone’s best guess if the baby would be a boy or girl. Even still today there are plenty of old wives tales that try to give a clue to a baby’s gender – without ultrasounds. Here are a few you’re bound to hear if you’re an expectant mother.

How You’re Carrying

This is one that tends to come up a lot, especially if you have multiple children – if you carry one differently than the other – high or low – some think that could tell if it’s a boy or girl. This however really doesn’t have anything to do with gender, and more about the position of the uterus, and mom’s body.

Baby’s Heart Rate

This one is a popular topic, especially prior to the 20 week mark when most women have an ultrasound to determine gender. Typically, people say that a faster heart rate for baby – higher than 140, usually means a girl, while a heart rate under 140, usually means a boy. This is not always a good indicator, as heart rates can fluctuate from one checkup to the next, and then they tend to level out for all babies closer to delivery, no matter what the gender.

Morning Sickness

A lot of people think that having significant morning sickness means pink is in your future. However, I have known women who have been horribly sick with their pregnancies to have boys, and women who never get the first bout of nausea to have a houseful of girls. And some women are just as sick with sons as they are with daughters. It seems that morning sickness is no respecter of gender.

Pregnancy Cravings

Some will suggest that the foods you crave while pregnant can predict boy or girl – for example – if you want sweet foods – you’re probably expecting a girl. Lots of meat or salty foods – a boy. There’s no weight to this theory, though – and those cravings are just another side effect of wonky pregnancy hormone surges. Nothing more.

Chinese Conception Calendar

This last myth is one that seems to hold some weight in China, for sure. By taking the mother’s age and month of conception from the Chinese conception calendar – which has been around since the 13th century, you should be able to predict the gender of your baby. However, in the 21st century, it really doesn’t get much stock put into it here in the USA.

The truth is – there’s no really accurate way aside from medical testing like ultrasound or amniocentesis to learn the gender of your baby. And we all know someone who got an inaccurate guess – they went to the hospital expecting pink, and came home needing to paint the room blue. So, if you’re choosing not to find out, and even if you are – always be ready for a surprise!


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