5 Outrageously Simple Ways to Improve Your Workspace in 2017

With festivities out of the way, it’s time to jump straight back to work. Understandably, falling back into a tedious work routine can lead to disorganisation which, can be overwhelming for most.

Deadlines and stacks of paperwork often leave most people with little cognitive capacity to consider the negative impact that clutter plays on productivity and motivation. So how can you spice up your workspace to address this issue? With simple ergonomic practices that should not be overlooked.

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Here are 5 outrageously simple ways to improve your workspace in 2017:

1. High and Dry

It is now common practice to operate and manage tasks on two or more devices to achieve maximum productivity. However, this can result in two problems. Firstly, laptops and computer screens can take up a large portion of your workspace. Secondly, looking down at the monitor screens can lead to stiff necks and bad body posture for extended periods of time.

Thankfully, the use of nifty underrated gadgets such as a dual monitor stand not only addresses the problem of clutter, but is also designed to reduce stress on the body as a result of bad body posture. The benefits of this are twofold – firstly, monitor stands are usually adjustable, experts advise that the ideal height for a monitor screen to reduce stress is at eye-level; secondly, the available workspace that would have been used for the monitors can now be used for other devices. If the visual appeal of an organized workspace is not enough, at least you can rest assured that the chances of spilling your coffee on your laptop are slim to none.

2. The Right Light

Studies have shown that the right lighting affects mood, helps you stay awake, and acts as the stimuli which aids in the retention of attention. Experts suggest that natural light regulates several chemicals in the brain which not only reduces stress, but also keeps you alert.

So open up a window, pull up the blinds if possible, and have a mixture of bright artificial lights such as the ones produced by [easyazon_link identifier=”B004Q0CUXA” locale=”US” tag=”proeve-20″]OttLite[/easyazon_link] ready to maximise productivity.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B004Q0CUXA” locale=”US” src=”https://www.projecteve.com/wp-content/uploads/31eVqYMC32BL.jpg” tag=”proeve-20″ width=”343″]

3. Tackle Cord Clutter

Tangled wires and messy cords significantly contribute to the clutter around the workspace. Lifehacker provides tips to achieve an organised workspace using small investments from Ikea and a thought through four step guide. The end result being a visually appealing workspace that leaves you feeling motivated and refreshed. The practicality of a neat workspace cannot be overstated; a functional workspace will keep you on the ball and ready for any task that comes your way.

4. Plants

Add a little scenery and colour to the workspace by placing a potted plant or two beside or on your desk. Researchers and experts have suggested that having plants around not only reduces stress, but also improves air quality as they are thought to act as air purifiers. This would also encourage you to introduce more natural light into the workspace as in order to keep the plants alive.

5. Regulated Environment

An often overlooked problem, studies have shown that the humidity around the workspace affects the growth of mould, and dust mites, and pollen which can lead to allergies or other health hazards such as asthma. The implementation of simple, easily obtainable gadgets such as an air humidifier would keep the air quality in the workspace pristine, resulting in healthier staff and a safer working environment. Additionally, experts have also suggested the use of hypoallergenic carpets, and safe paints to ensure that the environment is wholly regulated. The healthier the workspace, the fewer number of sick employees, the better the productivity.

Improving the workspace does not have to be complicated or expensive. We have listed five tips to improve the workspace and promote a healthier, more productive working environment.


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