5 Questions With Woman of Influence, Viki’s Granola’s Viki Sater

Hard work pays off.

Be fearless.

Be Bold.

All things that captivate me as I explore Instagram, and words that I love to share with my growing community. We love to inspire and to empower one another by sharing these awesome quotes. When it really matters to me, though, is when we have true life examples to look up to, this was the inspiration for SheMeets Radio as well as the Featured Fempreneur series.

Viki Sater was recently named a woman of influence by the New York business journal. Her most sacred life routines are her morning phone calls and Facetime with her daughters and family birthday celebrations. Like many women in business, she has made the decision to juggle a family, business, and everything in between.

2016-10-06-1475719992-3689084-NewVikiDaughters.jpgDespite this, Viki has created a routine that works for her. Her hard work has paid off. I was excited to be able to interview Viki, and even more excited to finally be able to share this interview.

You were recently named a woman of influence by The New York Business Journal, what do you think has earned you this distinction among your peers?

Woman of Influence! Wow, it still gives me tingles; I am so honored and grateful to be part of such a distinguished and accomplished group of women. I’d like to think that I was recognized for the amazing company I created over the span of 5 years; Viki’s Granola is the fastest growing specialty granola for two years running. The granola can be found nationwide as well as some other parts of the world.

What does it take to become a woman on influence?

The list of women is so varied and impressive, I’m sure different things led each of our recognitions. If I had to guess, dedication and hard work in our specific fields are among the things that we have in common. I give 110% of myself every day and I hope to serve as a role model to my three daughters and women both big and small everywhere.

Productivity as a mom, how do you manage this with 3 daughters?

I thought that being a mother was the hardest thing I’ve undertaken, and it was until I became a working mom. Multi-tasking is my best friend, I can build a shipper while taking a conference call like a pro. I’ve learned that there are personal sacrifices that should and must be made but there are still those that are sacred and will never be given up: my morning phone calls and FaceTime sessions with my girls, my 2 mile walks with my boys (two Yorkies who don’t really know that they’re not human) and our family birthday celebrations. My commitment to my company means that traveling is part of my regular routine, I make sure that when I have to be away, I leave on the last possible flight there and first possible flight coming home. I want to spend as much time with my loved ones as I can.

What has juggling your business and family taught you about what it means to be a woman in business?

I don’t want to take anything away from the role of a working mother or father, I know many men who face the same challenges as women; they feel the demands of their kids, spouses, households and of course workplace. To juggle it all whether at home or at work takes a good team! It can’t and shouldn’t all be done by a single individual; it’s mentally and physically impossible. So to do things right and to do things well, it is as the old saying goes, “takes a village!”

You recently said that Julia Child would be your dream mentor, why?

Julia Child was a female pioneer in a male-dominated profession; she had a passion…a dream and followed it ferociously. Like so many of us, she had huge hurdles to overcome and she did it with style, class and she did it successfully. She left this world a legend among chefs, writer and inspiration to all women who aspire not only to enter the world of professional cooking but any goal that they set for themselves.

Where is your bar, as in the bar that when you hit, you will know “I have done it!”

It would bring me great joy to see people across America enjoying my granola; I know that they are consuming a product that is tasty and good for them. I pride myself on being a consumer and avid label reader; my products are Non-GMO Verified with ingredients you can pronounce. My ultimate goal is to have Viki’s Foods become a household name. The granola is just the beginning; my plan is to expand the food line with more wholesome, delicious products that I pride on sharing with my friends and family.

Nancy Laws is the founder of SheMeets, she interviews female entrepreneurs on her podcast, SheMeets Radio. Connect with SheMeets on Instagram.


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