5 Quick Pick-Me-Ups

imgres-3It is about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you feel like it should be midnight as you have worked the entire day at the office or spent your day managing the home and kids. Do you need to perk up but do not really want that jolt of coffee or an energy drink? Here are a few ways that you can get that energy boost easily and more naturally.

1. Citrus. Drinking lemon water or eating an orange can liven you up in seconds. Even just the scent of tangerine, lime, grapefruit, or any citrus can boost your energy. Try to have one of these appealing sour fruits during those hours between lunch and dinner when your energy stores need rejuvenation.

2. Sunshine. The Vitamin D your body generates when exposed to the sun really affects your mind and body. Most of us are deficient of this vitamin as we don’t get enough time outdoors due to our busy schedules holed up in the office or at home. Not only will sunlight improve your energy and mood, it has a role in preventing many health problems from heart disease to cancer to osteoporosis.

3. Move. No, I am not telling you to sell your house and move to Hawaii (even though it is beautiful there). I am saying that if you are already getting some sun, then you may as well take a walk or jog. If the weather is not cooperating at least get off the couch and do some sit-ups, push-ups, or even a little dance during the commercials of your favorite show.

4. Posture. Sit up straight! When we get tired and our energy is low, we often resort to a slumped or hunched position. Part of the reason that sitting up straight helps is that it focuses us on our bodies and how we feel in the present moment, as well as altering something that was not working (poor posture) into something that works better for us (proper posture). Posture is important not only for how it makes us look, but for keeping our spine and organs aligned for optimal working condition.

5. Water. Most importantly is preventing dehydration, which is why we can’t live without water for more than a few days. Water is essential for proper functioning of our minds and body. So drink a cool glass of water or even sprinkle some cool water on your face for a quick boost of energy.

So the next time you are sitting at your work desk ready for a nap or the kids have run you ragged around the pool or playground, do yourself a favor and put one of these tips to the test.

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