5 Reasons to Wear A Sweater Coat

Best Sweater Coat

Behold the sweater coat! I love them in all forms from a light cotton for early fall, sumptuous cashmere that makes you oh so touchable or a heavy wool the buttons up to your chin for the dead of winter. I have no idea how I survived bone-chilling winters of my youth without this wardrobe staple. I imagine that the combination of the figure flaws of my post-baby body, business casual culture and chilly corporate offices lead to my first sweater now I have enough that I can enumerate five reasons no woman’s wardrobe is complete without at least one.

5 Reasons I LOVE Sweater Coats

1. Instant slim

So long as your sweater coat isn’t as long as a bathrobe the length the long lines will help to narrow you and skim over body parts many of us wish had a bit less curve.

2. Corporate Chic

The switch to business casual was a rough one for me many years ago. I loved knowing I had roughly ten work outfits to choose from pant suits or dress suits it didn’t matter it was my uniform and at 5:30 when I was getting ready the less thought that went into it the better. Now that nice trousers or a dress will suffice the sweater coat can  substitute for a blazer formalizing a look from one that might also work for a party or out to brunch.

3. Warmth

This is pretty obvious. It’s a sweater of course.

4. Versatility

This item will not only get you through shoulder seasons they can not only elevate your corporate look but also elevate a pair jeans or capris.

5. Always be Touchable

I had a boyfriend once with a fondness for cashmere. Alas, he was a better gift giver than boyfriend and it didn’t last. His mantra about being touchable did stick. Even if you are clutching your own arm in the middle of a giant, arm crossing snit touching something soft is a nice thing. Even if your touchability doesn’t immediately inspire a shoulder rub pulling your sweater coat around you is like getting a nice hug from your sweater!

Here are some of my favorite sweater coats on the market now:

Best Sweater Coat

Athleta. This one has an angled zipper and a slim cut. I also like  sporty the neckline.  I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks. It dresses up my yoga gear when I run errands going to and from a workout.

Best Sweater Coat
White and Waren

White and Warren I I love the two tone on the collar and the drape. This could work perfectly with jeans or for work with slim black pants.

White and Warren II This is the perfect wardrobe basic in black. Its slim lines and versitility make it a must have that would go well with a wrap dress or trousers for work and jeans on the weekend. It comes in a variety of colors so you might need more than one!


Best Sweater Coat
White and Warren II

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