5 Awesome Wellness Retreats You Should Know

5 Awesome Wellness Retreats

5 Awesome Wellness Retreats 

Everyone needs some time to wind down now and then, but not everyone finds relief from daily stressors in the same way. That’s why we’ve done some research to help you choose a great wellness retreat for your personality, priorities, and passions.

For The Hiker

5 Awesome Wellness Retreats You Should Know : There’s a special place in the mountains of Vermont for health-minded people who want to enjoy the great outdoors while also doing something that gets their heart rates up. It’s called New Life Hiking Spa website, and it tailors its programs to those that want to hike in the mornings, take other fitness classes (including yoga) later in the day, and eat nutritiously at every meal. The center is currently offering specials to those who book their stays before March 31 to celebrate their 37 years of history and their new and improved location. If you travel with a friend, you can get another price break, but singles looking to get the most out of these gorgeous trails can expect to pay between $245 and $265 (not including taxes and service charges) per night depending on the length of the visit. New Life even offers a Weight Loss Retreat version of their program, which is perfect for those looking to make positive changes just before swimsuit season.

For The Perpetual Relaxer

If you’re looking for a home away from home, head to the Chena Hot Springs Resort in Alaska. It still counts as part of the USA but it takes you to a world you could only imagine when you’re over here in the continental states. The goal of this little piece of Heaven is to soothe your sore muscles with healing mineral waters and to give you a glorious view of the Northern Lights while you wind down for the night. Although steamy tubs and springs are wonderful on their own, there are also massages for knots, the Aurora Ice Bar for drinks, SCUBA classes, dog sled rides, and camping of all kinds! The many available packages make it easy to pick the activities that you prefer and, therefore, spend your money wisely. If you’re looking to go this summer, consider the Explore Chena package, which includes unlimited day-swim passes and an ice museum tour, starting at $999.99 for a single traveler.

For the Meditation Guru

Another East Coast destination, this one is best for spiritual people. The Omega Institute offers a Rest & Rejuvenation Retreat that grants visitors the power to make their own decisions, meaning they can choose from a variety of daily classes that are meant to refresh connections between people and the natural world. The retreats are meant for a minimum of two days, and start at $25 per day on weekdays. You’ll enjoy tai chi, meditation, reading in the garden, sauna cleanses, and kayaking on a quiet lake – but only if you want to, of course. If the open-schedule retreat isn’t your thing, you may enjoy one of the many workshops offered throughout the year (keep in mind that they may be more expensive than the retreats but also pack more meaningfulness). In May, for example, there is a Mothers and Daughters workshop that takes teens and their mothers through a series of activities to enhance and develop their relationships over an inspirational long weekend.

For The Health Nut

When you just want a taste of southern comforts without all of the fried food, you ought to head to Canyon Ranch in Arizona. It spans 150 acres in the desert and offers year-round sunshine to brighten up your mindset, as well as fitness and cooking activities in a posh resort setting. This destination wants to change your life for the better, and walks its talk by having medical professionals on-site to give you a physical evaluation, genomics testing, and preventative care for a range of common disorders and diseases. You get to choose from your preferred program when you book here, with the main focus being on Life Enhancement, Weight Loss, or Executive Health. If you’re skeptical that the Weight Loss program is actually going to be effective in this magical land of spa services, think again. Canyon Ranch has experts ready to support your mind and body as you begin your journey and even offers video chats post-visit when you’re back home to keep you on the path to success. For Deluxe Accommodations, you can get an all-inclusive experience starting at $4,130 for a single person over three nights.

For The Adventurer

Utah might not have been a top destination on your list, but the Red Mountain Resort in St. George will make traveling to this state a priority. The resort’s website is incredibly easy to navigate, helping new visitors coordinate packages with what they should pack, and travel recommendations to boot! One of the coolest packages is the Essential Retreat, which can be done with a friend or on your own and begins at $205 nightly. You’ll have access to some really cool activities, like guided hikes and mountain biking, in addition to making the most of outdoor pools and strength training studios. What’s even cooler is that to upgrade to a package that also includes a massage or facial every day you’re there, it’s only an extra $90 or so per night. To top it off, this resort welcomes your pet for just $15 a night, so it’s particularly tempting for those people who just can’t part with their furry friends. After all, who could turn down the organic treats your pets will get upon arrival?

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IMAGE: Canyon Ranch

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