5 Savvy Skills to Learn for a New Career

New chapter concept.If you’re looking to switch careers, you probably have plenty of transferrable skills and the ability to pick up a few in-demand new ones. You’re starting out at a disadvantage since you’ll be competing against people whose backgrounds and/or education is better matched for positions in a new to you industry. However, you can stack the odds a little more in your favor by showcasing how your background is a great match.

To get even more competitive, consider adding new skill sets to your arsenal before polishing up your resume. There are a number of skills, especially in the technology sector, that can make you a standout candidate even if you don’t have a PhD in social media management. Here are a few to consider.

1. Experienced with bill pay software

Knowing how to bill customers via the latest technology is a great tool to have in your belt. This is especially important if you’re dipping your toes in HR, non-profit management or bookkeeping. There are a number of software systems and training services available, so pick one that has a great reputation and is used by some of the top companies.

2. A foreign language

Being multi-lingual is one of the best add-ons you can have, and many people already have a foundation from high school or college. Even if you don’t land a new job because of your language skills, it will still help you by allowing new networking opportunities (plus, studies show studying and knowing new languages is a great brain workout).

3. Social media skills

There’s a huge difference between managing social media professionally and personally. Volunteer to be the SM guru for a group or non-profit to learn the inner workings of these platforms. This is becoming a very in-demand tool (along with blogging) and you might be able to fill that disparity when no other candidate can.

4. Solid writing skills

In an increasingly digital world, professional writing has become a very desirable skill. Whether it’s drafting press releases, SM posts, requests for donations or web content for the company, having a great writer on board can make an entire department’s processes smoother. Plus, it’s easy to show off these skills with a portfolio and cover letter.

5. Website analytics

If you get familiar with the best (and often free) technology to see how websites and SM is performing, that’s an invaluable skills.

Improving your job skills is important whether you’re switching careers or not, but it’s nearly a requirement if you’re ready for something new.

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