5 Secrets I’ve Learned As A Mompreneur



Embarking on a new journey brings out a lot in you! Often times you discover things about yourself that you never knew you had before. Uprooting from my hometown (twice), getting married and having a child were all experiences that shaped me in different ways. I’ve learned to be adaptable, compromising and very patient (most of the time)! My current chapter has also been a very enlightening experience. I hadn’t really given it much thought until several people made me think about.


When I share my story with people about why I started my own clothing line for baby boys, and how I’ve been balancing all the work along with a full-time job and a toddler, the most common reaction I get is “how do you find the time” or “where do you get the energy”. After answering those questions a few times over, I started to really appreciate the things I’ve learned along the way to make it all happen.


Here are five things I’ve realized about how I find the time, energy and motivation:


    1. Strong support network: I’m very fortunate to have an amazing husband who is my rock, my cheerleader (without the tight outfits, of course!) and constant supporter. I’m also surrounded by a loving family and incredibly supportive friends who help me get through the tough days. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with people who can root for you, boost your confidence and always be there to support you on your journey. There are better things in life to spend your energy on than skeptics!


    1. One thing at a time: I quickly realized how overwhelming things can get when you’re trying to manage so many things together. After stressing myself out a few times, I realized the best way to handle it is by focusing on one or two things at a time based on urgency and importance. I pick a handful of things every day that I know are critical and then I make sure I cross them off the list rather than getting distracted by other things. Then on to the next.


    1. Use time efficiently: My husband laughs at me for being ‘irritatingly productive’. I try to squeeze in as much work as possible during my son’s naps, evenings after dinner and any other opportunity to get things done. It’s the only way I can manage to find enough time in a day with a full time job, a new business and a hyper toddler! It’s fascinating how much you can get done in little clips of time when you put your mind to it. I’ve also become super savvy with maximizing use of my iPhone to keep track of notes, emails and social media activity. Finger on the pulse.


    1. Make quick decisions: Some people really struggle with making impromptu decisions but I’m not one of them. I find it very stressful to keep pondering over things, over analyzing it or getting feedback from too many people. As a mompreneur, facing a million decisions everyday, being decisive is very critical. To prevent going into brain-synapse-overdrive (which does happen now and again), I try to simplify my decision-making process without over-thinking it. Makes life a lot easier and less stressful.


    1. A whole lot of love: My strongest motivation is loving what I do. I truly enjoy dressing up my own son in all the hip, trendy, colorful clothing I can find. Knowing that I can help so many other baby boys express their stylish little personalities with a fresh new look is really self-gratifying. That’s the whole reason I’m launching my own clothing line for baby boys and if it wasn’t fueled by passion, I don’t know how I would manage to keep myself motivated!





What’s your secret to find the time, energy and motivation as a mompreneur?




Noreen Kidwai spends her days as a working mom, wife, designer and full-time advocate of expressing life through style! Having seen the dearth of trendy options available for her son, she decided to create her very own exclusive clothing collection for baby boys under 2 years, branded under her own name and offering sophisticated, effortlessly chic pieces using the finest fabrics and made locally in the USA. Learn more on her website www.noreenkidwai.com

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