5 social media strategies to help build your brand reputation

 5 social  media strategies to help build your brand reputation

You have set up your business and are ready to take it to the world. You have selected your ideal social media network that your target audience are located. Before you get carried away posting content, here are some strategies you should ensure you’ve implemented from the start to enable your business grow correctly.


    • Understand your ideal client. What kind of content they want and what can you deliver to them. Your purpose when using social media should be to add value to their lives, for them to see you as an invaluable source and/or someone they enjoy interacting with.


    • Creating an online social media strategy. It’s not just about posting content. You need to know why you’re posting and incorporate call to actions. Don’t expect that your followers will know what you want them to do. Your social media network is not about the number of followers you have, as it’s not a popularity contest, it’s about being able to generate leads.


    • Keep your branding consistent. Every opportunity you have to post content or images, make sure you are using your branding as much. As this is what will hopefully become your ‘recognised’ calling card.   If you are creating visual content for Facebook, get 5 to 10 base templates created in your branding style that you can then add your content wording to them.


    • Be consistent. When posting on your social media networks, try to post the same times daily. This is a great for your followers to know when they’re likely to hear from you. You’ll find that over time, they’ll subconsciously be keeping their eye out for you.


    • Be real. Thanks the sharers and be courteous in recognising those who’ve taken the time to comment. If you have a ‘challenger’ don’t be afraid to delete their comment, especially if it’s offensive. At the end of the day, your social network is a representation of your business, and you want first time visitors to always get the impression you’re trying to make.


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Don’t forget to enjoy the ride, the minute you no longer love it, then look at why you are not enjoying it and what you can do to change it. If you find your struggling creating or sourcing content, then give yourself a break from it and outsource it for a while.

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